Can I Turn OFF My Car While Portable Fridge’s Running?

Portable Fridge Battery Protection

Some car refrigerators have a battery protection, so even if the engine is turned off, there is no need to specifically turn off the power of the refrigerator. Because the car refrigerator can automatically identify the battery voltage, when the car battery is insufficient, it will automatically shut down to make the car can start normally.

However, if the car refrigerator does not have an intelligent battery protection function, it may run out of battery power, in this way, the car can not start. Therefore, when the car is turned off, be sure to cut off the power of the refrigerator to avoid the situation of battery power loss.

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Solutions after the car refrigerator stops:

  1. After the car stops, the cigarette lighter can be powered continuously through the car battery. In this case, the car refrigerator can continue to be used.
  2. After the car stops, there is no electricity at the cigarette lighter, and the portable refrigerator cannot continue to be used. If you need to continue to power the 12v refrigerator, you need to prepare a power station for the car refrigerator, which can ensure that the 12v refrigerator can continue to work and refrigerate within 6-8 hours.
  3. After the car stops, take the12 volt refrigerator indoors to continue to power. And it is necessary to prepare a power adapter, which can be connected to 220V AC power supply, so that the on-board refrigerator can continue to work and refrigerate.

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Bodega's portable refrigerator is equipped with battery protection function, you can always trust us. 

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Martin firth

Martin firth

Hi I have a bodega 55 and when I’m in the car it keeps putting f1 on the screen I know what it is but is there a way I can turn off the battery protection please! Thanks

Wayne Adams

Wayne Adams

I would like to purchace. TWW35 battery only ?

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