What is blemished product?

Blemished products are items that have minor cosmetic defects or imperfections, but are fully functional and operate the same as brand-new items. These cosmetic defects could be varying degrees of scratches, dents, or slightly used.


How do the products become blemished?

The items can become blemished due to several reasons such as:

  1. Poor handling during transportation or installation
  2. Scratches or dents due to accidental drops or impacts
  3. Returned by previous customers after their trial or opening the box


Why order a blemished product from Bodegacooler?

All blemished products have been tested by Bodegacooler technicians and made sure they are functional. These blemished units will be priced lower than the intact counterpart, so that you can enjoy the same features and benefits as the brand-new with a lower price.


Please note: Each blemished product is sold "AS IS" and is a "FINAL SALE", with exceptions made for non-functional items. Bodegacooer would only offer a refund if the item is unusable within 7 days of receiving the item.