Our Story: 
Traveling abroad have been limited due to Covid-19, a car trip is exactly needed after a long period of lock down. It could be the perfect relaxing entertainment when hardwork, housework, farm work or babysitting etc., finished. You might plan to strike out on a camping trip, enjoy the beach, or maybe have a picnic in the park. However, trips could be so boring without food and drink. Which means a cooler to keep your food fresh and beverages chilled is what you need.

This is where our story started. We focus on designs and manufactures car fridges for RVers, van owners, overlanders, truck owners and the outdoor communities to keep their food fresh and beverage cold on the road. 

Our Mission: 
Build up our own brand with the trust and support of customers.

Our Vision:
We promise to provide customers with an all-round and high-quality product, thoughtful service to make purchasing experience perfect. 

Start your trip, embrace the nature, enjoy life. Bodega Cooler will accompany by you on the road.