BODEGAcooler 45Quart/42L AL42 Dual Zone Portable Car Fridge

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  • Sturdy Aluminum Car Refrigerator: BODEGA 12 volt refrigerator constructed of sturdy 0.04 inches aluminum, it comes with a rust-resistant silverfinish. The interior is made of super-fat foam insulation material, which has strong heat preservation and is the best choice for camping coolers. Car cooler have four aluminum protective foot pads, which increase the friction of the car refrigerator. It is suitable for handling rugged roads and can be tilted up to 45° from the level in a short time.
  • Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator: 42Quart (42L) portable freezer, double compartment with independent temperature control, freezer and fridge can be selected at will.12V fridge freezer can use the app to control the refrigerator, or through the LED display touch control panel, easy to operate. Portable car freezer with wheels for easy movement. BODEGA cooler is equipped with 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC, suitable for car, jeeps, truck, family, dorm, house, garage, RV, boat, outdoor.
  • High performance and energy saving 12V fridge: The high-performance compressor provides an excellent cooling experience, and the refrigerator cooling range: -4 °F (-20 °C) to 68 °F (20 °C).BODEGA 12 volt car refrigerator has two different modes: Max & Eco, which can be adjusted as needed. When the freezer compartment reaches the set temperature, the compressor will stop running. When the temperature in the box rises by a few degrees Fahrenheit, the compressor will restart.
  • Quiet operation & practical design:12v cooler is less than 45 decibels when it runs, just like living in a quiet suburb. Locking paddle latches with key, car fridge can protect food during picnic camping. The BODEGA portable refrigerator has built-in LED lights, drain plugs, and storage baskets to make travel, picnic and camping more convenient, and enjoy the entire pleasant journey.
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT: BODEGA with 1-Year Warranty. We have a professional technical support team responsible for the car coolers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason J
Portable Fridge

I really like the industrial commercial diamond plated designed box. It looks pretty cool. Really easy to use without any special setup. Just make sure before operating it that the unit has been standing upright for at least 24hrs because sometimes during transportation the unit could of been on the side or upside down which can effect the refrigeration system. Hoping to use it on our next road trip. So far it has been working great in the car keeping drinks cool and frozen groceries cold.

Tissues and Rainbows
Versatile portable fridge/freezer

The #BodegaCooler was ordered with the purpose of being used for several different purposes. The primary use was on our boat when we spend the entire day out on the water. We typically use a cooler full of ice to keep food and beverages cool. The problem with ice and food is that ice melts and that melted water can sometimes find its way into sandwiches or other food items. Having this portable fridge keeps everything inside cold and dry. No wiping off cans, not cold and wet hands.
The other reason is for outdoor grilling. Having all the meats and supplies nearby makes grilling that much better. No running in and out of the house. It also keeps the chef's beverages of choice nearby and ice cold. It may be a bit pricey, but I think it's well worth it for the convenience. Not to mention that it's also great to have for those trips to the bulk item stores.

Ms. Sunshine
Car refrigerator

Great quality car refrigerator. I have been using for 3 times sofar when I drive long distance for grocery shopping. It works great and keep my food frozen and fresh. It's not too big and it's actually very light weight. Outside is made out of aluminum. Easy to take out from car and move to house.

It came with refrigerator and freezer. No installation is required. It came with two plugs. One with regular home plug that for the house. One with car plug for the car. Very thoughtful.

One disadvantage is smaller than I thought. I wish it could be bigger. Anyway, it's a great product.

Frank Newman

I absolutely love this portable Fridge/Freezer.
I have reviewed a few different brands an Bodega is by far the best.
The 42 AL is my newest and the best I have seen. It is incredibly well built, it remind me of my truck bed aluminum toolbox (yes it is that well built)
I love the dual zone and being able to have frozen items as well as being able to have the other side for just refrigerated items.
You wont find a better Fridge/Freezer out there in my opinion!!