BODEGAcooler Portable Refrigerator T36 T50 T60 Cover

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Size: T36 Cover
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Keep the temp, insulate heat, and save the power. 

The cover provides added insulation, reducing energy consumption and ensuring your items stay fresh and cool for longer periods. Enjoy hassle-free camping experiences with the convenience of a camping fridge insulated cover.

T50 cover

Customer Reviews

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roy purtell
frige cover

glad to find one in stock. will test it this summer to see if it will help. fit was very good.

David Schafer

The cover seems to do a good job of improve the efficiency of the cooler. I run mine on an auxiliary 100 Ah lithium battery in my truck and it significantly increases the run time. I don’t have exact numbers, but I’d say at least a 20% improvement. Without the cover I could feel the exterior was cool to the touch which showed the cold was leaking through the insulation more than I had expected. One note about the aesthetics of the cover is that it does not look as smooth and rigid as it shows in the picture. It is quite wrinkled in appearance and the front pouches are single layer nylon fabric as opposed to the more sturdy look that the picture shows. Not a big deal, but something worth noting.

Beverly Dill

Works pretty good, top tore just getting it on, kind of thin around stitching,it does help!