BODEGA Portable Refrigerator Cooler 80Qt Review

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When wanting to relax after a week of hard work, you might plan a camping trip, head to the beach, or maybe have a picnic in the park on a nice summer day. Every good trip needs food and drinks to really enjoy your time off. This means you need a cooler to keep your food fresh and drinks cold. But not just any old cooler will do…. so, today, I’m super excited to share BODEGA with you!

My family and I love to camp, so when I came across BODEGA’s Portable Refrigerator Cooler, I had to check it out. We have a pull-behind camper that we use, but if anyone has owned one before, you know you never have enough fridge and freezer space.

bodega 80qt fridge


BODEGA focuses on designing and manufacturing car fridges for RVers, van owners, overlanders, truck owners, and outdoor communities in an effort to help them keep their food fresh and beverages the perfect temp while on the road.

BODEGA Portable Refrigerator Cooler Review

Our pull-behind travel trailer does have a fridge, but when packing up for a weekend with my husband and kids, we quickly run out of room. My husband loves to grill while we camp because he has the time to smoke something delicious! Usually, anything he packs takes up a lot of space (things like a rack of ribs or a pork roast). When we pack up the meat, beverages, sides, other meals, and cold snacks, we always end up needing a cooler (or TWO!) as well.

Favorite Features

My favorite feature about the BODEGA Travel Refrigerator Cooler is that I don’t have to worry about ice. There are many hot summer days where the ice in our cooler melts fast and the groceries inside get submerged in water. YUCK! I have had to fish eggs out of our cooler because the paper carton has wilted away.

bodega tww75 inside

This cooler has some weight, but with a strong handle and wheels, it rolls easily- even fully loaded!

BODEGA has created the perfect portable refrigerator cooler that is durable, quiet, and provides the space needed for all your cold groceries when traveling.

Key Features

  • Dual Zone Large Capacity: This powerful RV fridge can hold 102 cans of cola, 60 bottles of water, or 33 bottles of red wine.
  • Drain & Basket: The drain plug and removable basket allow easy access to clean the refrigerator’s interior.
  • LED Light: The LED lighting allows you to view the food and drinks in a dark environment.
  • Removable Door: The door can be removed and switched in the other direction.
  • Retractable Handle: The retractable handle and off-road wheels make it easy to take this car fridge anywhere.
  • Super Quiet: You and your family will enjoy a low noise level of 43-47 dB for a quiet night’s sleep.

power cord


  • Operation: 100-240V / 12V / 24V
  • Dimension: 32.5 X 21 X 18.5 inches
  • Fridge Capacity: 80 Quart (75L)
  • Left Zone / Right Zone: 48 Quart / 31 Quart
  • Item Weight: 66.9 pounds
  • Refrigeration Range: -4F ~ 68F
  • Noise Level: <42dB
  • Rated Power Input: 90W
  • Rated Current: AC 1.5-2.7A, DC 6.0A (12V) / 3.0A (24V)
  • Solar Interface: external diameter: 5.5MM, internal diameter: 2.1MM

bodega tww75 with wheels

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I love the benefits of having a BODEGA portable refrigerator cooler! The wheels and handles provide easy transportation. You can personalize the cooler to your needs for each trip by having dual control over the compartments. As a family of four who loves to camp, you can never have enough fridge and freezer space and this cooler is the perfect solution to our limited refrigerator space issue.

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