Bodega Small Wine Refrigerator Review

Credit: By Nancy Brown

For years my husband and I have debated about purchasing a wine cooler. We knew we needed a wine refrigerator to store our special beverages. However, we worried about the cost and the space required. Recently we ordered a small wine cooler and we are satisfied that we made the right decision.

bodega small wine fridge

Why select a Bodega Wine Refrigerator?

Bodega Cooler designs multiple models of both wine coolers, as well as portable car freezers. While we have an Airstream trailer, we opted to test the wine cooler. The 20 bottle wine cooler arrived safely within days of ordering. The wine refrigerator was easy to install and operate.

The Bodega refrigerator can be built-in or free standing. We saw that this small wine refrigerator fit perfectly in kitchen cabinets designed for trash compactors. We planned to use our wine cellar as a stand alone unit in our dining area, yet close to the kitchen.

bodega small wine fridge

The Bodega small refrigerator is the companies simplest and lightest design. Weighing 77 pounds, the small wine cooler measures 15″ x 23″ and holds 20 wine bottles. The wine fridge features 6 wood shelves that can hold up to 20 (750 ml) wine bottles.

wine racks

Digital control for safe wine storage

Who amongst us has not lost a bottle of nice wine to wide ranging temperature fluctuations? We are certainly guilty of storing red wines in hall closets and hoping for the best when it comes to opening the bottles. The LCD smart temperature control on the Bodega wine cooler refrigerator ranges from 41-68 degrees. A built-in temperature control in the wine cellar is set to restore your pre-determined setting if there is a power outage.

 The wine cooler also comes with a key lock feature to keep your alcohol beverages protected.
bodega small wine fridge

Wine cellar storage specifications

I selected the Bodega small wine cooler for ease-of-use, the quiet compressor and the versatility of the wine storage system. The 15 inch wine cooler features sturdy slide-out shelves made of strong eucalyptus wood. It will accommodate larger wine magnums on the top shelf. Our wine cellar is loaded with a combination of Bordeaux and Burgundy-shaped red wine bottles. Your experience may differ.

We plan to use this small wine cellar for storing our red wines in a temperature-controlled environment. We found the mix of Bordeaux and Burgundian-shaped bottles to fit well in the wine refrigerator.

The built-in circulating air cooling system was the key selling point for me. Fine wines deserve consistent cold air-flow. So far, this Bodega wine refrigerator delivers on performance.

bodega small wine fridge

Bodega wine cooler review summary

In summary, I feel the Bodega wine refrigerator works well for the price point. At this time of writing, the Bodega small wine cooler retails for $699.99, including free shipping in the United States. There is a 30-day return policy and 2 year warranty on all Bodega portable refrigerators and wine coolers.


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