Nutrition Of Red Wine
Wine is a kind of high-grade beverage, it has very rich nutrition in it. If wine is drunk properly, it can directly affect the human nervous system and increase muscle tension. Moreover, wine contains many ingredients that can be directly absorbed by the human body, such as amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc., so that the physiological functions of the human body can be well maintained and regulated. Wine is especially effective for people who are physically weak, those who suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders, and the elderly. So wine can be said to be a very delicious tonic.
Edible effect

1. To prevent dental caries: Red wine can strengthen tooth enamel, inhibit bacterial growth, and prevent dental caries.
2. Helps sleep: The melatonin in red wine can make you sleep more soundly and peacefully.
3. Protect the heart: Red wine contains an extremely powerful antioxidant-resveratrol, which can prevent excessive accumulation of fat in the arteries. Red wine also contains flavonoids and saponins, so it can prevent cardiovascular disease.
4. Prevent colds: Drinking red wine often is very helpful for preventing colds.
5. Beauty and slimming: Red wine contains some antioxidants that can slow down aging and beautify and slim down.
6. Prevent cancer: Drinking red wine in moderation can greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.
7. Prolong life: red wine can extend people's life span to a certain extent, and can also prevent Alzheimer's disease.

For people

Generally healthy adults can drink it.

Taboo people

People with diabetes and severe ulcer disease should not drink wine.

Buying skills

1. When buying red wine, you must understand the content of the trademark label, including product name, ingredient list, net content, pure juice content, alcohol content, sugar content, factory name, factory location, production date, shelf life, product standard code, etc. In addition, consumers should try their best to buy pure juice wines with grape varieties, so that the quality of such wines is more secure.
2. Observe the color of the wine. The whole body is clear and transparent, showing a deep ruby ??red color, without precipitation and turbidity, it is a good wine; if the color is black, without luster and brightness, it means that the quality of the wine is problematic, and consumers should buy with caution.
3. Choose the wine type according to your own hobbies. Wine can be divided into sweet, semi-sweet, dry, and semi-dry according to its sugar content, and red, white, and pink according to its color. High-end red wines are clear and transparent, shiny, full-bodied and pleasant, with a soft taste and a long aftertaste. Generally, dry red wines have a wine content between 11 and 12 degrees. High-end white wines are generally yellowish greenish, clear and transparent, shiny, fruity, full-bodied and pleasant, and the alcohol content is generally around 12 degrees.

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