Outdoor BBQ Tips
1. Be sure to figure out the structure, function and operation method of the grill before the official departure. It is best to have already operated it beforehand, and please try to use a regular grill. Be sure to pick a covered grill.

2. The damper of the oven should be at the upper door. When burning charcoal is not easy to ignite, you can pile them together, add combustion aid or use a spray gun to ignite them, and then spread them evenly. When grilling, the operator and equipment must not be in the downwind vent. The big smoke chokes people on the one hand, and the sparks that fly out are even more afraid that people and objects will be burnt.

3. The meat should be selected well. The best meat is the back of the brain (not the real brain, it is a special term, equivalent to the loin), and the leg of lamb should be fat and lean. When skewered meat should be fat and thin, it is better to use bamboo or wood for brazing. Chicken wings are generally marinated in advance, and grilled chicken sauce is readily available in supermarkets. Grilled cooked vegetables must buy the barbecue cooked vegetable sauce in the supermarket. Three condiments are enough: cumin, chili noodles, and salt. You don’t need to rush to oil the meat skewers at the beginning of the barbecue. You need to wait for it to be tightened by the heat before oiling. The oil should not be brushed too much. Choose beverages packed in small cartons with straws, which are convenient and clean.

4. The charcoal must be selected well, and the charcoal must be selected, otherwise there will be smoke. When roasting, the charcoal should be completely burned, and it is best to break the large pieces, so that it is not easy to generate an open flame to bake the meat. Sprinkle some salt on the charcoal when the fire is high. This is the best way to control the fire. Don't add the seasoning only once when roasting, don't be stingy, put more cumin, and add salt when it's almost done. Turn it over frequently to make it evenly heated.

5. When grilling, be sure to keep raw food away from cooked food to avoid contaminating cooked food, even if they are cooked on the same grill at the same time.

6. Barbecue spots are often trees and grassy, ​​so pay attention to fire safety. After the barbecue is finished, if the charcoal in the stove is not burned out, put it out.

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