What Size Portable Refrigerator Fit for Camping?

Are you going to purchase a portable fridge for camping, but have no idea what size to choose?

Here are some advice:

Size  Capacity
35L=47 cans 2 people for a weekend
40L=60 cans 2~3 people for a weekend or 1 person for the whole week
50L=72 cans family of 4 for a weekend or a couple for the whole week
60~65L=106 cans a family for a longer than a weekend


The portable refrigerators are not only for camping, but also good for storing food and drinks for parties. Especially for the following big days, like Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. 

Check out's the following options, which are the most people's choice. 

1. BODEGAcooler Portable Car Fridge TWW35 37 Qt/35L Dual Zone


2. BODEGAcooler Portable Freezer TWW45 48Qt/45L Dual Zone


3. BODEGAcooler Portable Freezer T50 53 Qt/50L Dual Zone


4. BODEGAcooler 12V Portable Car Fridge/Freezer T60 64Qt/60L Dual Zone














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