What You Should Know about Portable Refrigerator and Refrigerator?

Differences between Portable Refrigerator and Refrigerator

  1. Anti knock and shake: the portable refrigerator has good seismic performance and is suitable for use on bumpy roads;
  1. Battery protection: the portable refrigerators will automatically shut off the power after reaching the set point of battery protection to protect the start-up of the car;
  1. E-MARK (electromagnetic interference): when the electronic control module of the portable refrigerator works, it will not interfere with the electromagnetic interference of other electronic products in the car, nor will it affect the use of the car battery;
  1. Anti overturn protection: when the portable refrigerators working, the slight inclination will not affect the performance of operation. When the inclination reaches more than 45°, it will automatically stop working, to protect the compressor.

Reasons for the difference:

  1. The car vibrates constantly during driving, and good seismic and anti shake performance can ensure the operation of portable refrigerator in normal;
  2. The portable refrigerator is connected with a cigarette lighter on the car. When the car is turned off, the battery of the vehicle will continue to supply power to the portable At the same time, battery protection function also automatically ensure that there is sufficient power is retained in the battery to start the car, to protect the safety of the battery;

  3. There are also many electronic products in the vehicle. All kinds of electromagnetic interference may affect the these products’performance. But E-MARK could ensure that the electromagnetic interference of the portable refrigerator does not interfere with the working of other electrical appliances, and provide a safe working environment to other electronic equipment in use in the vehicle;

  4. The tilt angle of the compressor is too much, continuous operation would cause damage to the compressor and affect the lifespan of the portable refrigerator. The anti-Anti overturn protection can ensure that the compressor will stop automatically when the tilt angle exceeds 45°, to protect the service life of the compressor.


Maintenance of Portable Refrigerator and Refrigerator:

  1. Keep inside the refrigerator clean.
  2. Do not wipe the inner wall with sharp utensils.
  3. Try to avoid hard objects colliding with the inner wall;
  4. Do not use volatile or corrosive liquid to wipe the inside of the refrigerator;
  5. Please wipe with soft cloth and neutral detergent (water or special detergent for refrigerator);
  6. Do not wash or soak in water to clean the refrigerator.

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