Bodegacooler RV Refrigerater 65L/2.3cu.ft. Upright Freezer Semi Truck Refrigerator

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Size: 65L
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● High-efficiency DC compressor

● 3-in-1: fridge, freezer, or both at the same time

● 2-year warranty on compressor&other parts

● -4ºF~46ºF refrigeration range

● 30 Days Return 

Bodega Semi Truck Refrigerator Wide temperature range to meet various storage needs.

Bodega rv fridge 65L

Dual zones allow you to use freezing and refrigeration.

rv refrigerator

Reversible door with flexible opening direction.


Each Portable Fridge Freezer equipped with removable crisper drawer, shelf, bottle holder, egg tray, drain plug. 

user friendly design


Before Use:

1. Please put it upright horizontally for 6 hours before plugging it up. Slower cooling than the compressor refrigerator, the absorption refrigerator needs approximately 6~8 hours to get cold for the first time.

2. After step 1, please set the temperature at the lowest and plug it in 110 V, and test if it is cold inside and heated on the back after 6~8 hours. The same step for using 12 V.

For Electricity:

1. Please don't use 110V and 12V at the same time.

2. The 12V cords (not included) for the car cigarette lighter. No positive and negative poles difference. As a secondary function, the consumption of the 12 V working is more than 110 V working.

3. Please don't use house batteries or solar batteries when using DC 12V, it is recommended to use on a car cigarette lighter.

4. Temperature can be controlled on 12 V (upgraded function). The light will come on 12V, but it might flicker or become dim when you open the door, which is normal (In parallel with the heater).


1. Can the compressor cooler be frozen and refrigerated at the same time?

Yes, the top is the freezer area and the bottom is the refrigerator area.

2. Does the cooler have batteries?

Battery not included. You can not use batteries also.

3. Does the 12V cooler support Wi-Fi connection?

No, this RV refrigerator does not support Wi-Fi connection.

4. This RV fridge includes 100-240V power cord?

Not included. 12V/24V power cord available. Perfect for RVs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great 12v vertical fridge

Hated my cooler fridge having everything stacked. This made me happy

Bigger inside than it looks!

Wow, very well made. Nothing cheap about this refrigerator. Love the dual opening door. And, it has a way to lock it open for ventilation when not in use. Haven't used it enough to know any cons. Definitely recommend.

Ed F.
looks good

works great

Kevin Harding
Great budget replacement for van

Bought to replace a Dometic 50 in a Sprinter van that gave up after 5+ years. Couldn't beat the price (~$300 during Prime Days) and interested in the dual door design.
Has been installed for about a week now, very happy. The door does work from either side, which is great in a small space- or you can pull both handles and pull it off for loading. The plastic on the sides scratches easily and Bodega logo doesn't come off, so I'm probably going to wrap the door.
Slightly taller than the Dometic, so I cut down the rubber feet on the bottom so it would fit for my application. Installs the same, although the outer metal casing MUCH thicker and had to break out a drill for side screws instead of just using self tapping.
Plenty of wire and the right gauge, but the inline 15 amp fuse right by the compressor & wires were dangling everywhere. I cut out the fuse holder & butt spliced above since I have a 15A in my fuse panel for the fridge, as well as used clips for all the wires to secure them & not have resting on the compressor.
The trays from the Dometic will fit, although they're snug. I'm using the metal tray from the Dometic (has a blue cover on the edge) as the Bodega plastic tray isn't full length.
Very happy with the app, has independent fridge & freezer settings and you can lock the panel on the fridge itself. Showing the battery voltage (I"m on house batteries of course) a nice feature as well. I'm in Ft Lauderdale so it's over 90 degrees in the van parked, fridge holding temp fine.


Really nice fridge, not too loud and works just right. I used in in my Campervan in summer and it kept all cool and even the ice frozen.