BODEGAcooler Small Portable Refrigerator 20/25QT With Wheels

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Size: 25qt
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BODEGAcooler RTW25

Key Features: 

  • 📦 Storage Space & Battery Usage:
    The 20/25 Quart portable car refrigerator includes a unique space bin for storing the AC/DC power cord, small wrench, and other items. With additional batteries (sold separately), the space bin can transform into a battery power/charging station for wireless convenience.

    🔒 Safety Tie-Fixed Points:
    The 12-volt refrigerator has four holes on both sides for secure fastening with ropes in your car, truck, or other slippery surfaces, ensuring the fridge stays in place while driving.

    ❄️ Fast Cooling & App Control:
    Achieves 15-minute fast cooling from 68℉ to 32℉, ideal for chilling drinks quickly. Supports app control via Wi-Fi, allowing temperature and mode adjustments using your mobile device.

    💡 LED Light Inside:
    The built-in LED light ensures easy access to food at night. With embedded handles, wheels, and a USB charging port, it's highly portable and perfect for outdoor activities.

    🔋 Battery Protection & Energy Saving:
    Features H/M/L battery protection levels to prevent overloading or short-circuiting your car's power supply. Includes an ECO energy-saving mode for low energy consumption, using less than 1 kWh/day even in MAX mode.

    🚙 Shock-Proof & Low Noise:
    Designed for rough roads with a shock-proof design, it operates without issues at a 45° incline. With 45dB low noise, it ensures a relaxing and quiet journey. Note: Rope not included.

bodegacooler RTW25


Model Name
Item size
13.58"D x 13.58"W x 23.39"H 13.58"D x 16.06"W x 23.39"H
Item weight
23.4 pounds 26 pounds
how many zones?
1 1
Temperature setting
-4℉~68℉ -4℉~68℉
Battery Protection
Yes Yes
Battery Not Included Not Included
Manual or APP control
Both Both
Rated power input
60W 60W
Number Of Doors
1 1


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cole G
This thing works great

It gets super cold. The temperature controls are easy to set. It has a usb charging port that’s great for a phone. It’s not too late great for a small group. The best parts are it can work In a car off of a 12 volt plug and my dewalt batteries.

Handy little cooler!

his cooler gets used every week at my house. We use it to hold lunches or drinks out in the field when we’re working, this has been a great addition to our truck. The fact that it can plug into the outlet in the pickup or Dewalt batteries for power has been handy. I’ve used both and am happy with how efficiently it runs on either power source. It cools off quickly to either refrigerator or freezer temperatures and stays consistent. It also runs very quietly. The cooler is a little heavy by itself but the wheels and handle make it easy to move, loaded or unloaded. It has high quality construction that makes it durable for worksite use. I highly recommend, this is no longer a luxury on our worksites but a necessity.

It’s FDE, what more to ask

I'm surprised it's even lighter than a Yeti cooler, so if you already have some Yeti coolers or other molded coolers, I don't think you need to upgrade to an electric cooler. But for me, since I've been using a cheap non-molded cooler, it's a good opportunity for an upgrade and still utilize your tool collection batteries.

I like that you can power it using three A/C, D/C, and 20V tool batteries. Luckily, I got more batteries than I needed during last Black Friday. Now, I have more reasons to have my tools and chargers in the truck bed. Also, nothing beats the FDE color – way cooler than plain white or blue.

Here's my trick to cool down faster without draining the battery initially: either freeze some of your stuff the day before or simply put a little ice in a Ziploc bag. I'm able to lower the temperature from room temperature to 36°F within one hour.

Love the fact that this can also use Dewalt batteries

This car refrigerator from Bodega has a feature which sets it apart from most others out there. You can use up to two Dewalt batteries in the unit to power it. The batteries are connected to one of two included adapters and then slotted into the cooler. This provides an additional option to power the unit rather than just AC and car cigarette adapter. I was able to test many different batteries in the cooler and they all fit fine and functioned; 60V (of course running at 20V but they fit), many different 20V batteries, 20V powerstack batteries. The fit for the 60V battery at 9Ah works for one battery but it limits the second battery you can use as more than 50% of the space is occupied by the 9Ah battery.

The cooler is able to drop the temperature from room temperature to refrgierator temperature very quickly; the freezer mode of course takes a bit more time to get down that low. I was able to bring the temperature from 72° down to 24° in under 15 minutes. The unit is lighter weight than anticipated which makes it very portable. Included in the box are the two adapters for Dewalt, the AC adapter and cord, the car 12V cord. The unit is very quiet, and you really only notice the compressor running when very close to the cooler.

Connecting the device to my phone to enable the app was slightly more difficult than it needed to be. The app screens explaining the process are either not clear or wrong. The first screen suggests turn it on and then after 10 seconds turn it off but I found that I needed to turn it on and then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds for the device to enter the correct mode for the next step to work. The second screen has you check a confirmation that says, "Confirm the indicator is blinking slowly.". There was no indicator which blinked, and I just needed to check the box and continue on through the process and found the Wi-Fi of the device broadcasting. After getting beyond those steps the next steps worked as written and I was able to get connected to the cooler. Once connected the app allows for all the controls you could need.

Nice little refrigerator

I’m not going to call this a cooler. It’s a mini fridge. I have tried it plugged into the wall and using batteries. It definitely cools faster plugged into the wall than on batteries. I would suggest precooling it before using it with the Dewalt batteries.

I ran it on a 6 amp hour and 4 amp hour battery and it ran for about 5 hours at 37°.

The side walls get very cold but the middle of the box doesn’t seem to get as cold. It would benefit from some air circulation, but I suppose they are thinking you will be using ice as well.

I think it’s a very cool product overall.