BODEGAcooler 2024 Mini Car Fridge 16QT with Shoulder Belt

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mini fridge 15L

Key Features:

❄️Car Armrest Refrigerator: This portable fridge is compact and lightweight, designed to be installed on the car armrest.

🎒 Easy to Carry: 12v fridge with an adjustable shoulder strap for chilling anywhere.

❄️Fast Cooling & Energy Saving: Temperature range of -4℉ to 68℉. Energy-saving mode operates on less than 30W, even in MAX mode consumes less than 1kWh per day.

🔋 Battery Protection & Low Noise: Offers three levels of protection (H/M/L). Automatically powers off to prevent car battery depletion. Low noise design of less than 45dB provides a silent and comfortable environment while running.

Keep Your Cool Anywhere You Go with Portable Refrigerators for MPVs


Item size
11.02"D x 23.43"W x 16.73"H
Item weight
20.3 pounds
Temperature setting
Battery Protection
Manual or APP control
Rated power input
What's in the package
16qt car fridge*1, shoulder belt*1, AC charger*1, DC charger*1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Arinaa Masn
A best buy for me!

This refrigerator is unbelievable. Very efficient and huge size of storage capacity. The unit cools to below zero, the 12 volts in my cab is too cold, it insulates well, you can cool it to near zero, the unit is made of good materials and is easy to clean. Excellent product. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

I. Merani
Practical cooler, a little bit expensive

I've been testing this cooler for a few days. At first I connected it at home to a 12V power supply to see how it works and learn about the features.
The settings are very simple: you select the set temperature with the up/down arrows, you can go all the way to -4F. It can be set to Celsius by following a procedure. I believe it works internally in Celsius, because when you change the settings sometimes it could jump by 1 or 2 Fahrenheit depending on the number. Anyway you don't need so much fine grained control.
I connected it for the first time and filled it up with water bottles, I was able to fit 10 16oz bottles. I set it to 34F to avoid the water freezing. The display showed 80F, then compressor started and was able to reduce the temperature to 34F in a few minutes. But it was not real, only the walls got cold, the water was still at room temperature. Then the temperature went up a few degrees and the compressor started again. I realized that this way would take a long time cool down the water bottles, so I set it to 10F. This time it took a couple of hours to get to that temperature but still the water was not cold. Finally the water got cold after 4 hours, it never froze. Then I set it back to 34F and had it running for 3 days non stop. The compressor started and stopped every so often. All the times I checked the water was cold.
Now for the road test I started with cold water, that is what I recommend. We had a road trip last week, we put it in the rear of our Rav4 (see pics). Something interesting is that the front has vents on both sides, that allows to put the cooler next to a wall and still have air circulation. We had cool refreshments all the trip.
The only annoyance we had, which is not related to the cooler, is that our car doesn't have a 12V outlet permanently on. When we leave the car the cooler looses the power. I will see if I can change the circuit to be fully energized. And talking about that, the cooler has a battery protection system, which will automatically turn off when the battery is low. It can be preset in the front panel to 3 settings.
Something that had me confused is the strap: it comes with clips in both ends but the holes in the cooler are very thin. The instructions are not very clear also, I figured out that I needed to remove the clips and use only the strap through the slits (see pics)

What I like:
- Very quiet
- Don't need to carry ice.

What I don't like:
- No much room, probably good for 2 people or maybe 4 only carrying drinks

Works Great

The BODEGACOOLER 12 Volt Car Refrigerator is a compact and versatile cooling solution for outdoor activities, vehicles, camping, and travel. With a temperature range from -4℉ to 68℉, it can keep your food and beverages chilled or frozen as needed. Its 15-quart capacity provides ample storage space for your essentials while on the go. The car fridge operates on 12/24V DC power, making it compatible with most vehicles and outdoor power sources. Its portable design and sleek black finish make it a stylish and convenient addition to any adventure or road trip.

Glen E. Thompson
Handy fridge/freezer for travel

On long drives I like to have a cooler in the car so I'm not having to stop for drinks and refreshments. This unit solves the problem of having to get ice for said cooler. It's not a very large cooler for its size and weight. It does get the temperatures cold. I've tried it as a freezer for getting some ice cream home before it melted. It did fine so I decided to give it some tests to see how cold it really gets. I set the thermostat for -4F and let it run for an hour or so. Measured the temperature with my freezer thermometer and it had cooled to -8F. Shut it off for 30 minutes and the temp got up to 20F. That was empty so wanted to see how it did with more thermal mass inside. Placed a 2 lb block of ice inside and let it run until temp was below 0. Shut it off and checked 2.5 hours later. Temperature had climbed to 25F and the ice block showed no signs of melting. All the tests were done in a 50F garage.

The temperature display doesn't seem to reflect the actual temperature inside. When it was 25 inside, the display showed 35. Suggest using a good thermometer inside of temperatures are critical.

One item that would have been nice to be included is a 120v adapter. That would allow for pre-cooling before putting it in the car. I got a 120v to cig lighter adapter which worked very well to power it.

Adjustable temperature makes the difference

Very sturdy, and well built but fairly expensive cooler. It’s long and tall, and as such will take up space, and may not fit in the wheel well of most vehicles. Unlike many coolers, this has an adjustable temperature, with a good range of freezer-range cooling to refrigeration to room temperature, and it can be controlled with your smart phone, or on the device itself. Once it is turned on, and vehicle off, the cooler remembers it was on, which can be a great feature. It definitely keeps things cold. There is no built-in carry handle but it has indentations for carrying and a sturdy carry strap.