3 types of Portable Refrigerator

Portable refrigerator refers to the refrigerator that can be carried on the vehicle. Portable refrigerator is the continuation of household refrigerator.

There are two kinds of portable refrigerators in the market: one is semiconductor portable refrigerator; The other is the compressor portable refrigerator. The compressor is the traditional technology of the refrigerator. The cooling temperature low from - 18 degrees to 10 degrees. Compressor portable refrigerator has high cooling efficiency, can make ice, keep fresh, and has large capacity.


Kinds of Portable Refrigerator

1. Cooler 

The first one is an early product, it may not be appropriate to call it refrigerator, because it does not have cooling function, but only insulation function, it is better called cooler. The thing must be cooled before you put inside the cooler. You can also put ice bags or ice cube into the cooler, so that you can keep the food cool in a short time. The advantage of this cooler is that it does not consume electricity, and the price is relatively low. The disadvantage is that it can not be insulated for a long time, and the space is small.

 2. Semiconductor portable refrigerator/Thermoelectric coolers

The second type is semiconductor portable refrigerator, which is based on the principle of cooling by electronic chips to produce Peltier effect, that is, a new cooling method of direct current refrigeration with cooling temperature range of 5 to 65 degrees.  The advantages of this refrigerator are environmental protection, no pollution; low cost; no vibration; no noise and long service life. The disadvantage is that the cooling efficiency is low, the cooling temperature is affected by the ambient temperature; the cooling temperature cannot reach below zero; and the capacity is small.

3. Compressor type portable refrigerator

The third type¬†is compressor type portable¬†refrigerator,¬†which is the mainstream and the most popular now. The¬†compressor type portable¬†refrigerator¬†has fast cooling function,¬†its cooling temperature¬†can reach - 18 ‚ĄÉ, we can also¬†control the temperature in sections. The compressor refrigerator is used in many kinds of vehicles, such as RV, truck, even on boats.

Compressor type portable refrigerator features:

  1. It can be applied to power supplies of various voltages, whether 12VDC or 24VDC. The built-in battery power supply device of the compressor portable refrigerator can automatically identify different voltages and adjust them accordingly.
  1. Compressor portable refrigerator is suitable for off-road vehicles, RV, trucks, buses, yachts and boats. They can also be safely fixed in the vehicle. 
  1. The compressor provides with super cooling power, energy-saving characteristics and smart temperature control function.
  1. The compressor portable refrigerator is composed of compressor, condenser, drying filter, capillary, evaporator and other components.   
  1. The rechargeable function, means it can not only use household 220V AC, but also use vehicle mounted 12V DC in energy supply. In addiction, It can continue cooling through its own power storage without electric power supply, which solves the disadvantage that the portable refrigerator can not be used without power.


Above all are 3 types of the portable refrigerator/cooler. They are suitable for both vehicle and household use. Good choice for the preservation, storage and heat preservation of beverages, food, fruits, milk, red wine or low-temperature needed drugs. It is also the best partner for people at home, hotels, offices, bars, student apartments, driving (trucks, taxis, buses, tourist buses), tourism, picnic, camping and fishing.

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