What Should We Do if The Car Refrigerator Suddenly Stop Chilling?

A car fridge is needed in hot summer.

But If you found your car refrigerator suddenly stop chilling, what should we do?

Check the following situations:

If the car refrigerator’s temperature is not cool enough.

  1. Check out if the amount of food stored in the refrigerator is too much and crowded, resulting in the lack of smooth air conditioning?
  2. Check out if the 12 volt refrigerator door is not closed tightly?
  3. Check out if the sealing strip of the refrigerator door is damaged or deformed, resulting in loose sealing of the refrigerator?
  4. Check out if the outside of the car refrigerator is in poorly ventilated?
  5. Check out the portable refrigerator to see if there is too much hot food?
  6. Check out if the refrigerator mode is set correctly?

There are two operation modes equipped on portable refrigerators, one is eco energy-saving mode, the main function is constant temperature preservation, and the other is Max strong working mode, the main function is chilling fast.

  1. Check out if the 12volt refrigerator is exposed under the sun or if there is a heat source near the refrigerator?
  2. Check out if the refrigerator temperature is set improperly?

If the refrigerator doesn't cool at all.

  1. Check out if the refrigerator power supply is in faulty?
  2. Check out if the power plug of the refrigerator is in good contact?
  3. Check out if the fuse of the refrigerator is blown?
  4. Check out if the power switch on the display operation panel of the refrigerator is turned on?

If your car refrigerator has no of the above conditions, please contact the refrigerator’s after-sales service for help.

If you bought bodega car refrigerator and need our help, we welcome you to contact us

 Although the service life of the compressor portable refrigerator is longer than the semiconductor portable refrigerator, we should also pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the refrigerator.

Cleaning methods of refrigerators:

To avoid the reduction of electrical insulation performance and rust of sheet metal parts, It is strictly forbidden to clean the refrigerator directly with water.

The following things will damage the coating and plastic parts that cannot be used for cleaning, such as alkaline detergent, soap, grinding powder, hot water, brush, Banana oil, gasoline and alcohol.

Correct cleaning method ☞ We recommend cleaning and maintain the refrigerator every other week. Wipe the internal and external surfaces of the refrigerator with a wet rag. If it is too dirty, wipe it with neutral detergent, and then dry it with a rag. If there is too much water, pull out the cover of the water outlet to drain the dirty water.

Maintenance methods of refrigerator:

If oil (animal or vegetable oil) is attached to plastic parts for a long time, the plastic is easy to crack, and produce peculiar smell! Therefore, plastic parts should be cleaned frequently. In addition, the sealing strip is very important, which can effectively prevent the leakage of cold air, so it is necessary to protect the sealing strip in a better way!


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