9 Tips on Wine Cabinet Selection

Red wine is very sensitive to the environment, and the best environment is constant temperature, humidity, ventilation and protect from light. If the red wine is not stored properly, it will be over oxidized, and the color will become dark brown, which losing the original brightness and aroma. This is the reason why most manufacturers choose to store wine in wine cellars.  

In order to solve the problem of red wine storage, manufacturers have developed a wine cabinet that simulates the cellar environment and stores wine professionally, which can make the quality of red wine last for a long time.

Is the wine refrigerator necessary? 

Whether it is necessary depends on whether you like to drink red wine or collect red wine. If so, it is strongly recommended to buy a red wine cabinet.

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Classification of red wine refrigerator

Wooden wine cabinet and electronic wine cooler

The wine cabinet is divided into wooden wine cabinet and electronic wine cabinet.

The wooden wine cabinet is just like the wine cabinet made in many homes. It is only a kind of furniture for placing red wine and does not have the function of temperature and humidity control.

wooden wine cooler

The electronic wine cabinet is much more superior. It can imitate the storage conditions of red wine to make red wine be preserved more scientifically and better.

Electronic wine cabinet can be divided into semiconductor type and compressor type. The semiconductor wine cabinet is cooled by heat absorption through electronic chips, which is more green, quieter and smaller. The temperature control range is 10 ~ 18 ℃, and the service life is 3 ~ 5 years.

The compressor wine cabinet is cooled by the compressor. The refrigeration efficiency is higher than that of the semiconductor wine cabinet, and the temperature range is 5 ~ 22 ℃, which is also larger than that of the semiconductor wine cabinet. The compressor wine cabinet has mature technology, stable performance, low failure rate and service life of 8–10 years.

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Selection points of wine cooler

1. Placement

The placement is very important. If it is placed in the living room, you can choose a relatively quiet wine cabinet, semiconductor wine cabinet or compressor wine cabinet with a larger capacity. If it is placed in the bedroom, it is necessary to keep absolutely quiet so as not to affect the rest. The semiconductor wine cabinet is the first choice. If you buy red wine cabinets in hotels, clubs, shopping malls and other venues, you may choose compressor red wine cabinets with better quality.

2. Quality requirements

If you have high requirements on the quality of red wine, mainly for collect wine, it is recommended to choose the compressor red wine cabinet. If it is only temporarily stored and frequently used, choose the semiconductor wine cabinet.

3. Temperature control range

The temperature control range of semiconductor red wine cabinet is 10 ~ 18 ℃, which is relatively limited and not suitable for hot weather areas. The temperature control range of the red wine cabinet of the compressor is 5 ~ 22 ℃, the temperature control range is larger and the efficiency is higher.

4. Humidity control

A reasonable humidity range is conducive to the preservation of red wine. If the humidity is too low, the cork will dry and crack. If the humidity is too high, the cork may rot, which will have a great impact on the quality of red wine. It is generally recommended that red wine be stored in the humidity range of 65% ~ 75%. If you have high requirements on the quality of wine store, try to choose a wine cabinet with humidity control.

5. Light shielding performance

Ultraviolet light will affect the quality of wine, which is why wine should be stored in the cellar. The light shielding performance of wine cabinet will affect the quality of red wine. Try to choose a glass door that can filter ultraviolet rays.

6. Ventilation and purification

SO2 will be produced during the storage of red wine, which will corrode the cork. If the air in the wine storage environment is circulated, the concentration of SO2 is very low and will not affect the cork. If the wine cabinet is equipped with an air circulation system, it would be great. It would be even better if activated carbon filtration was added.

7. Capacity

If it is stored at home, it can be calculated according to the daily demand. If it is not only for drinking at ordinary times, but also for collecting red wine, the capacity should be as large as possible. If it is used in hotels, shops and clubs, the larger the capacity, the better.

8. Single temperature zone / dual temperature zone

There are single temperature zones, dual temperature zone and multi temperature zone in the red wine cabinet. There is only one wine storage room in the single temperature zone, so the temperature is uneven up and down, the larger the capacity, the more obvious. There are two wine storage rooms in the dual temperature zone, which is better in terms of temperature uniformity. There are multiple wine storage rooms with different temperatures in the multi temperature area. The multi temperature area can realize fine preservation of various red wines and the temperature is uniform.

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9. Price

The price of compressor wine cooler is much higher than that of semiconductor wine cabinet.

The price of multi temperature zone is much higher than that of single temperature zone.


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