How to Place The Red Wine in The Wine Cooler

The temperature of the wine cabinet is mostly set at 10 ℃ - 12 ℃, but in fact, the internal temperature may still be different, so when placing wine, it’s better to store the wine according to the temperature of the upper and lower layers of the wine cabinet.

In the process of placing wine near the wine cabinet, which wine should be placed on the upper layer of the wine cabinet, and which wine should be placed on the lower layer of the wine cabinet? The real meaning of this problem should be the temperature of the red wine cabinet, not the upper or lower level. Each kind of wine cabinet has different designs, and there is no standard regulation, so it is hard to distinguish which layer wine should be stored on by the way of upper and lower layers. This kind of wine cabinet can also adjust the upper and lower layers to the same temperature.

Some wine cabinets may have the lowest temperature at the bottom, and the higher temperature goes to the upper layer. But some may be total opposite. If you don't know the temperature of your wine cabinet? You can test by yourself with a thermometer.

 The wine cabinet has the function of storage, but it does not mean that every type of wine can be drunk directly after taking out of the wine cabinet. It still needs to little adjust according to the temperature of drinking. Only when the wine is at the right temperature can taste the delicious wine.

If the setting temperature of the wine cabinet is 10 ℃ - 12 ℃, the wine may need to be warmed up for a little time before drinking. When it is warmed up to a suitable drinking temperature, the smell of the wine can be gradually emitted. As for champagne and sweet wine that need lower temperature, after they are taken out of the wine cabinet, they also need to lower the temperature in an ice bucket with ice cubes to reach the drinking temperature.

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