Best Large Capacity Wine Fridges

A large capacity wine fridge is a necessity for any serious wine collector, frequent entertainer, or anybody who wants to ensure that their wine is always at perfect serving temperature.

Wine fridges and coolers are ideal for long term wine storage, as they help ensure proper conditions (such as temperature and humidity) for wine to age in bottle. Furthermore, if you have a large or valuable collection, a temperature controlled storage solution is certainly a worthwhile investment.

Our Selections: Top Large Capacity Wine Fridges

The definition of ‘large capacity’ may vary from person to person, but for our purposes, we’re looking at fridges that hold at least 125 bottles.

Along with bottle capacity, there are a variety of other factors to consider when choosing a wine fridge. These include size and the space you have available, added features, and of course, budget. With these factors in mind, I have selected fridges in the following categories: best overall, top budget-friendly pick, large bottle holding capacity, most stylish, and best features.

Find a summary table right here, and scroll down further for more details on each, as well as a runner-up pick for every category. Cheers!

Runner Up – BODEGA 176-Bottle Wine Refrigerator


176 bottle capacity

Wide temperature range (40°F-65°F)

Tempered double pane glass door protects wine from UV rays

LED display

Adjustable shelves

Built-in carbon filter (limits odors & dust)


Louder than comparable units (45dB)

Single temperature zone

With a capacity of 176 bottles, this unit comes in just under the top pick. It is also a bit louder, holding it firmly in second place. 

Additionally, this wine fridge has a number of extra features, including a double pane glass door and built-in air filter, that give it added value.

The product dimensions for this unit land at ‎27.17″D x 23.54″W x 76.78″H.

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Best Features

Wine coolers range from very basic to quite hi-tech. The key is selecting a unit that has the features that make the most sense for your intended use, while still staying in your budget range. For some, a simple, straightforward fridge will do the trick. For those looking for more bells and whistles, here are some suggestions.

Top Choice – BODEGA 154-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator


154 bottle capacity

Dual temperature zones

Humidity control

2 Layers of tempered glass to protect bottles from UV rays

Energy-efficient (0.413 kWh/d)

Temperature memory in case of a power outage

Optional lock

Shelves are adjustable to accommodate different bottle shapes (such as Champagne)


Louder than some comparable units (45 dB)

The internal fan turns on and off as needed, which may be distracting to some

This unit holds a whopping 154 bottles, but more importantly, offers dual temperature zones – meaning you can have a section for white, sparkling, or rose wines kept at one temperature, and another section for reds – customize as you see fit.

The temperature range for the upper zone ranges from 40°F-55°F while the lower zone keeps temperatures between 55°F-65°F.

The product dimensions for this unit are 27.17″D x 23.54″W x 63″H.

This unit provides a lot of versatility, thanks to a large bottle capacity, dual temperature zones, and adjustable shelves. A top choice for a wine collector who wants it all.

Source from: by  Allison Sheardy

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