How Big of Portable Fridge Do I Need?

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that nature gifted. From the blooming flowers to the chirping birds, from the melting snow to the green grass bud. Whether you're planning to have a picnic in the park, spending several days on the road, or camping with family and friends, you may need a  portable refrigerator to keep your drinks, food, and snacks fresh.

When you're choosing a portable refrigerator, there are a few factors to consider, such as personal needs, type of vehicles, type of portable refrigerator, and price. However, focusing on personal needs can make decision-making much easier. Different personal needs that can influence your choice of car fridge and the available categories to help you make an informed decision.

Personal Needs

The common uses of car fridges are outdoor activities, commuting, and home beauty care.

Outdoor activities

If it's a barbecue picnic for less 6 people, it's better to choose a 25L-30L car refrigerator, which can basically store enough food and drinking water. However, if you're planning a longer trip with a group of people, you may need a larger fridge (80L) to store enough food and drinks for everyone.

Camping fridge

Vehicle commuting

For commuting purposes, a 15L or less car fridge would suffice for a few bottles of water and some food. 

For RV travel

Most RV owners opt for a portable fridge between 40–70 liters in size. This allows for plenty of space to store food and drinks for multiple people over several days, without taking up too much space in the RV itself.

RV fridge CR65

Home care

If you're looking to store fruits, vegetables, and skincare products, a mini car fridge 8L~20L with a side-opening door would be convenient for home beauty care.

 Check Bodega mini fridge

Categories of Car Fridges

Car fridges are available in three main categories: 15L or less, 25L-30L, and 30L or more. The selection of the most suitable car fridge should be based on personal needs.

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Personal needs play a vital role in choosing the right car fridge. Understanding your personal needs will help you determine the right size and type of car fridge that will meet your specific requirements. Therefore, before making a purchase, take time to consider your personal needs and assess the available options to find the most suitable car fridge for your needs.

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