BODEGAcooler Car Drawer Refrigerator Review


This is a review of car refrigerator in drawer style. This runs on 12v via car 12v cigarette lighter, and it comes with its own 120v power adapter to supply this with 120v, and it sucks 50watt during its peak cooling. Can fit multiple cans and bottles and I got approximately 12.75 inches x 17.25 inches on the inside dimension but keep note of its height as your limiting factor of 6.5 inches. Its roller is made of ball bearings and is very smooth and latches easily.

BODEGAcooler 32.8qt car drawer fridge


It can handle some weight after placing multiple cans and bottles, and the weight of its compressor and its components are heavy enough not to tilt it forward when fully opened. It also came with screws to latch it to the floor, which the manual highly recommends. Controls are in the front and are simple to use. Should have an app to connect via Bluetooth, but I have not tested this capability yet. The inside is lined with plastic on the bottom and lined with metal on the upper part that extends to the upper half of the 3 sides and the rear. They are cold to touch when operating, but note that they work without a fan inside. It cools your items by radiation like your old refrigerators where it will make one part cold versus new ones that has its own evaporator and fan circulating the cool or cold air around causing a faster cooling effect.

Temperature Range

It can range from -4F to 68F depending on your need, and this is where some of the problems I am discovering. Please note that I just have this operating in 2 hours. The drinks I placed are around 5F cooler than room temperature after placing its temp to 35 degrees F which is where a normal fridge is set. I use my infrared thermometer and found that the general drinks are around 55F and the actual cooled surface is only 48. Note that this was minutes after I adjust the temperature from 35 to 30F. I am a little bit disappointed that the lined surface was not at least 35F, so I am not sure where the thermostat is getting the temperature it's indicating on the display. I am going to give it the whole night to do its job and will update this review. I have a feeling the thermostat is off but since it is a compressor type cooling, it can go cooler than that if set to lower temp.
So far it feels like you will get the most of this if you place chilled items inside rather than room temperature to get the most of its effect, but it might change tomorrow. Old fridge and new refrigerators takes hours to a day to get to work. Expect an updated review after this.

BODEGAcooler 32.8qt car drawer fridge


The next day the drinks are cold at a temp posted temp of 30F and got an inner liner temp of 35F, surfaces of drinks are at 40F and cold to touch. Please note to that the device's fan is off, so I am guessing it was on sleep mode after reaching 30F. I switched it to 25F and hours later, the liner is indeed 25F-21F and drinks are 37F. This is effective, but I think the thermostat is in a liner and does not reflect the actual temperature of the actual space inside, especially that the temperature is not transferred via fan. No frost found, but I live in a low humidity area. I will give it a few days to see if I have to stick with 25F range or use the usual 34-37F range for cold drinks.


I have not encountered an active fan inside a cooler with compressor, but I have seen one with peltier plate style which I really love since I can cool drinks in at least 2 hours (but is smaller than this and cannot be turned into a freezer). My need is only for cold drinks, and I can imagine myself paying for a car refrigerator with a fan inside for faster effect. This does do its job, but you have to turn it on the night before and transfer it to your car when travelling or chill your drinks in your fridge and transfer it to this one before travelling. I created a space in the garage for this and used the 120v ac supplied power to turn it on all the time as a drink cooler, and I can just transfer the whole thing to my car for long travel. It does not have heating capability (would have been nice). I am satisfied with this product, but it is not perfect and is not for everyone.

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