Cool Convenience on the Go: Consider a BODEGACOOLER for Your Outdoor Adventures

Credit: by Scott Webster

For those who love hitting the road, camping under the stars, or tailgating at weekend sports events, keeping food fresh and beverages chilled can often be a challenge. Traditional coolers require a constant supply of ice, leading to soggy food and diluted drinks as the ice melts. Enter the BODEGAcooler T36 38qt 12v refrigerator freezer, an exceptionally convenient solution for all your cooling needs while on the move.

Dual-Zone Design for Flexible Storage

Constructed with practicality in mind, the BODEGAcooler offers a dual-zone cooling system, allowing you to maintain different temperatures in each compartment. This feature is perfect for storing a variety of goods, from sandwiches and salads to ice cream and frozen goods, without the worry of odors mixing. Also, flipping between a cooler and a freezer is straightforward, making it versatile for a range of food and drink storage needs.

BODEGAcooler 38qt 12v fridge

Rapid Cooling Technology

One of the cooler’s standout features is its rapid cooling ability, which can cool its contents from 68°F to 32°F in just 15 minutes when in Max Mode. This is particularly useful after a stop at the grocery store en route to your destination, ensuring everything is chilled quickly. Moreover, the BODEGAcooler doesn’t forget about your car’s battery life. Equipped with a three-stage battery protection setting, it prevents vehicle battery drain, giving peace of mind no matter how long it’s plugged in.

Smart and Considerate

Designed with usability in mind, the cooler integrates seamlessly with an app available for both Android and IOS, providing control over the temperature and settings from your smartphone. Additionally, for those who might be away from their phone or prefer manual handling, physical controls are easily accessible.

BODEGAcooler 38qt 12v fridge

Energy Efficiency Meets Portability

In terms of energy consumption, the T36 is efficient, utilizing less than 45W in ECO mode. Its energy-saving design ensures that even when running on MAX mode, it remains cost-effective, consuming less than 1kWh per day.

The BODEGAcooler is as portable as it is practical. Weighing just over 30 pounds and measuring 28.5×14.1×14.4 inches, it’s outfitted with a durable handle and wheels, making transport from car to campsite or event space effortless. The added convenience of LED lighting, a USB port for charging devices, and easy-to-clean features like the drain plug and removable basket highlight the thoughtful design tailored to active and outdoor lifestyles.

Finally, this fridge is versatile in its power options, accommodating a 12V or 24V DC source as well as a 100-240V AC source, making it perfect for a variety of settings from your home to the road.

BODEGAcooler 38qt 12v fridge

Designed for the Outdoor Enthusiast

As summer rolls in, keeping your snacks and drinks cool during outdoor activities like tailgating and picnics becomes essential. The BODEGAcooler 36L Dual Zone Portable Car Fridge is a tech-savvy solution for this need. It features separate zones for refrigerating and freezing, ensuring that different items stay at their ideal temperatures. The convenience of app control allows for easy temperature adjustments. It’s energy-efficient, making it a practical choice for long outdoor days. Plus, its portable design means you can take the comfort of a cold beverage wherever you go.

The BODEGAcooler 36L Dual Zone Portable Car Fridge T36 is aimed at individuals who frequently travel or engage in outdoor activities, such as camping and road trips, and need a convenient way to keep food and drinks refrigerated or frozen. It is especially suitable for those looking for a portable and energy-efficient cooling solution that can be easily controlled via an app.

BODEGAcooler 38qt 12v fridge
BODEGAcooler 38qt 12v fridge

For adventurers, road trippers, and anyone in need of reliable cold storage on the go, the BODEGAcooler offers a smart, efficient, and robust solution to keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature, no matter where your travels take you.

There are a number of options of 12v fridges to choose from in the BODEGAcooler lineup, each with different capacities and capabilities. 

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