Camping Checking List

Hey guys, do you love camping? If you’re just beginning to plan, but you're feeling overwhelmed by what to bring for camping, we have a checklist that can help you out.

  1. The main things you need to want to bring when you're camping are a tent.
  2. You need to bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. I like to bring a much more comfortable sleeping bag or even blankets, and then I can actually bring my own pillow with me to make this feel a lot like home.
  3. To survive in the wild, lighting lamps with long lighting time and good lighting effect must be prepared to facilitate some emergencies at night.
  4. Since we may have enough space in our car, I’d like to recommend having something cool and luxurious like a car refrigerator to store food and keep food fresh.
  5. You can bring a lot more luxurious items like I have these two camp chair, I even have a little table and that has my e-reader those are as a lantern.  
  6. You need to bring proper clothes. When I'm packing for camping, I like to bring stuff that I don't mind getting dirty that I can wear multiple days in a row, and that I feel really comfortable in. But it's all weather dependent, so if It might be raining, I will bring a rain jacket; or if it might be cold, I'll bring a couple extra layers.
  7. Toiletry is needed. I bring my toiletry kit with me, and this has all sorts of things in it from my toothbrush toothpaste deodorant to sunscreen.
  8. I also had a head net just in case the bugs are terrible.  
  9. The important part to don’t forget to bring is medicine. I might need to take medications, such as painkillers.
  10. Repair kit is also necessary. And then I also bring my repair kit with me, so I have a multi-tool in just in case anything breaks or need to fix things.
  11. It's just an excellent idea to have a cord, tie it between two trees to hang the clothes or a towel.
  12. Bringing a water container for drinking water, for washing hands.
  13. Don’t forget to bring a knife. We can use it to cut food, or protect ourselves in case of accident.
  14. Cooking utensils and tableware. This is a necessary energy source for outdoor camping. Our  strength from food. There are many Outdoor boilers and cookers are convenient to use, easy to store, and easy to clean.

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Finally, hope you have a nice camping trip. 


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