Frequently Questions for TWW75

How fast the refrigerator cooling?

TWW75 does an amazing job of cooling. It gets cold fast, it was below freezing in about 30 min on a 94 watts day sitting outside mostly covered by a shade sail.

 Whats the advantage of dual zone?

TWW series fridge has 2 sections in the fridge that mean we can set different temperatures which is great when we put drinks in one as I like my drinks really chilled and then food sits in the other, the added advantage is the fact that we're keeping liquids and solids separate too.

dual zone

 How much power consumption does TWW75 need?

All the portable fridges brings up the power consumption. I set it on high level mode, and it was pulling 120 to 130 for the first hour or two, then settled down to 85 to 95 watts power draw for the remaining time before I brought it to the garage for the night, and switched it over to economy mode. A total of about 6.5 hrs run time in 94 watts mostly shaded area, and it used up 53kwh of power. Overnight temps were in the mid 70s, ran it for an additional 10 hours, which added another 18kwh. When I went to work, and left it sitting in an 80-85 watts garage for another 8 hrs or so. That took another 14kwh of power. Total after 24 hr run time used up .85kwh of power, which is easily supported by the 200ah battery, and solar charger system. Economy mode seemed to save a bit of power, and it didn't seem to affect the cooling ability of the cooler, keeping things cold.

How to run this TWW75 portable refrigerator?

One of the things that stands out is the convenience of dual methods for powering the refrigerator, either through an AC power connection for home use, or through cigarette lighter connection from the car or truck.


  1. You can run this portable freezer fridge with 12/24 V DC power on various vehicles, such as SUV, Truck, RV, Camper, Van, Boat, etc. This fridge sit nicely on the floor at the main sliding door and gives the kids everything they need at hand.
  2. BODEGA car refrigerator running with Solar panel Power station (240W / 500W/ 1000W)
  3.  BODEGA car fridge also working on 110~220V Home outlet, wall socket.

running with portable fridge

Speaking of convenience, I also love the remote control feature, which is accessible  by downloading the app to our phone, which we did.  As far as the cooling capacity is concerned, we really like having two separate bins, allowing for storing/cooling different types of solids and/or liquids at different temperatures.  Another really nice feature is that the top lids are removable, can be easily switched from one side to the other side to open.

app control

What I dont like?

The refrigerator is a little bulky and heavy, because it is equipped with large wheels for easy maneuverability and mobility.

Overall, I used this for my weekend trip camping, and it worked like we needed it to.


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Dwaine Johnston

Dwaine Johnston

I seem to be having a problem with connecting my T50 to my phone via Bluetooth. Could you please explain to me in an easier way how to do it. I downloaded the program, but I cant get it to sinc up. Thanks

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