Does the Bodegacooler Fridge Have a Battery?

In the realm of portable refrigeration solutions, the Bodegacooler fridge stands out for car fridges. The Bodegacooler car fridge is a versatile cooling appliance designed to meet the needs of modern-day consumers. It is compact, lightweight, and specifically engineered for mobility, making it an ideal choice for various applications, including camping, road trips, outdoor events, and more.

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Does the Bodegacooler Fridge Have a Battery?

Yes, indeed! The Bodegacooler fridge models TWW34/45/55/75/95, CF15, P8/15 can be charged with a detachable battery, setting them apart from traditional cooling appliances. This detachable battery serves as a power source for the fridge, offering unparalleled convenience to users.

Bodega-12V Car Fridge Detachable Battery of Portable Car Fridge for TWW 35 45 55 75

Explanation of the battery feature

The detachable battery of the Bodegacooler fridge is a game-changer in the realm of portable refrigeration. It allows users to power the fridge independently of any external power source, providing freedom and flexibility in usage scenarios.

Battery capacity and specifications

The battery boasts a capacity of 15600mAh, ensuring prolonged operation of the fridge even in remote locations. It is rated to keep a 50L fridge at 5°C for up to 20 hours with an ambient temperature of 20°C, guaranteeing reliable cooling performance when it matters most.

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Benefits of the Detachable Battery

Convenience and ease of charging

One of the standout advantages of the detachable battery is its convenience in charging. Users can easily charge the battery separately from the fridge unit itself, eliminating the hassle of keeping the entire appliance connected to a power source during charging.

Flexibility in usage scenarios

The ability to charge the detachable battery using various power sources, such as a wall outlet or a vehicle's power port, enhances the versatility of the Bodegacooler fridge. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or embarking on a cross-country road trip, rest assured that your fridge will remain powered and functional.

Use Cases

The Bodegacooler fridge with its detachable battery opens up a world of possibilities for users. Here are some common use cases where this innovative feature shines:

  • Camping: Enjoying the great outdoors doesn't mean sacrificing cold beverages and fresh food. With the Bodegacooler fridge, campers can keep their provisions cool and refreshing throughout their outdoor adventures.
  • Road trips: Long drives are more enjoyable when you have access to chilled drinks and snacks. The Bodegacooler fridge ensures that road trippers can stay hydrated and fueled up on the go.
  • Outdoor events: Whether it's a picnic in the park or a tailgate party, having a reliable cooling solution is essential. The Bodegacooler fridge offers the convenience of portable refrigeration, making outdoor gatherings a breeze.

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With the ability to charge the battery separately from the detachable battery, users can enjoy unparalleled convenience and flexibility in various usage scenarios.


How long does the battery last on a single charge?
  • The battery is rated to keep the fridge operational for up to 20 hours on a single charge, under optimal conditions.
Can the fridge operate while being charged?
  • Yes, the fridge can operate while being charged, providing continuous cooling functionality.
Is the battery compatible with other devices?
  • The detachable battery is specifically designed for use with the Bodegacooler fridge and may not be compatible with other devices.
What is the warranty period for the battery?
  • The warranty period for the battery is typically specified by the manufacturer and may vary depending on the model.
How do I properly maintain the battery?
  • To ensure optimal performance and longevity, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for battery maintenance and charging.
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