How to Set Portable Refrigerator Battery Protection's Mode?

What's Battery Protection?

When the car stops, the on-board refrigerator will be charged by the car's battery, if there is no a protection, it may run out of car's battery power, so cause the car can not start.  That's why now most all the portable freezer equip with battery protection function. 

The refrigerator has a three-level battery protection function, which not only guarantees the normal operation of the refrigerator, but also protects the battery of the vehicle. When in the power-on state, long press SET button for 3 seconds and the display screen flashes H. Select low voltage protection L (low), M (medium)and H (high) by clicking SET button. The factory defaults to H (high) protection.

How to set the mode?

H should be set when the refrigerator connected to car power and M or L should be set when it is connected to portable battery or other backup battery. Because of the different output voltage between different vehicles, the battery gear can be set from H to M or from M to L if there is a voltage protection code Fl showed on the panel. The battery gear should be set to H if the refrigerator should keep working after turning off the car engine, or there will be a possibility that the car battery is used excessively, and the vehicle cannot be restarted.

Service time of on-board refrigerator:

1. Ambient temperature: the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter using time of the battery.

2. Type and quantity of items stored in the refrigerator: the more items, the more power the refrigerator needs to consume to maintain the set temperature.

3. The number of switches: the more frequently open and close the door, and the more power consumption of the refrigerator.

4. Capacity and power status of car battery: the larger car battery capacity, the longer the service time; The more sufficient the battery, the longer the service time.

5. The setting level of the battery: the higher the protection level of the battery, the shorter the service time.

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