High Temperature Will Destroy Red Wine

Your wine tastes sour and astringent? The reason may be high temperature.

What is the effect on wine if the temperature is too high?

As the temperature rises, it will affect the wine. In many cases, temperature too high will make the wine taste worse.

Firstly, high temperature will make the tannins of wine more prominent, and the taste of wine will become more astringent and more violent. The original soft and smooth wine will become coarse and difficult to taste.

Secondly, the fruity aroma of wine will be covered by the unpleasant acidity.

Because of these, many wines with good quality will become sour, astringent and difficult to swallow after being attacked by high temperature, and the fruit fragrance in the wine will disappear completely.

In addition, the high-temperature and dry environment will also lead to the shrinkage of the oak stopper due to dehydration, causing serious consequences such as liquid leakage. Especially for old wines that have been aged for a long time and use natural oak stoppers are more vulnerable than young wines, and are more vulnerable to high temperatures.

For wines with artificial wine stoppers, the wine stoppers may bulge under high temperature pressure.


How to define "high temperature"?

Under ideal conditions, all wines should be stored at 50~59.9 and 55~75% humidity. It is not realistic to maintain such indoor temperature and humidity in summer or winter. Because the key to proper wine preservation is "stability", that is, the ambient temperature cannot fluctuate significantly.

Wine storage temperature (℃)

Ultra low temperature range (causing glass fracture)

10.4℉ to 19.4

Low temperature danger zone

 30.2℉ to 23

Ideal interval

50℉ to 59.9

High temperature danger zone

69.8℉ to 80.6

High temperature damage zone


89.6 to 100.4

As far as temperature is concerned, lower than 41  and higher than 69.8 will bring potential danger to wine. If the ambient temperature reaches 89.6 , the wine will have been damaged irreparably.

How to avoid high temperature damage?

For wine lovers collectors, the professional thermostatic wine cabinet is the simplest wine storage equipment. In fact, household refrigerators can barely be used for short-term wine storage. However, due to the internal temperature fluctuation of refrigerators, a wine cabinet that can maintain constant temperature is the best choice for long-term wine storage.

If you are considering to purchase a wine cabinet, bodega wine coolers would be a great choice. 

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