What's the Difference Between Wine Cooler and Refrigerator

Different performance

  1. The wine cooler and refrigerator are equipped with refrigeration compressors, but the refrigeration effect is different. The refrigerating capacity of the wine cooler is small, which can only meet the general refrigeration needs. The refrigeration effect of the refrigerator is good, which can be refrigerated or frozen.
  2. Although the refrigerator has the functions of cooling and moisturizing, there is still a big difference between the professional wine cabinet and the refrigerator. For wine collection lovers, wine cooler is a wonderful choice.
  3. Avoid light: ultraviolet rays have a great impact on the aging of wine. If exposed to strong sunlight for 6 months, wine can deteriorate. The professional wine cabinet has a UV resistant glass door, which can effectively prevent the damage to light to wine, but the refrigerator cannot.
  4. Constant temperature: The best storage temperature for wine should be about 55.4℉. There are professional precision compressors and temperature controllers in the wine cabinet, which are very accurate and stable for temperature control. Although the refrigerator can set the temperature, there is still a certain gap between the actual temperature and the set temperature. The temperature difference may be about 41 ℉ - 42.8 ℉, so the temperature in the refrigerator is actually in an unstable state of fluctuation. This is obviously very unfavorable to the preservation of wine.
  5. Anti-Shock: vibration will accelerate the chemical reaction speed of wine, which has an impact on the wine ripening process. There is a precision shockproof compressor inside the professional wine cooler, which works slowly and stably, greatly reducing various vibrations. The solid wood wine storage rack in the wine cabinet can also effectively reduce vibration. The refrigerator does not have such a device, and you can often feel a slight vibration.
  6. Ventilation and humidity: The appropriate humidity is very important for wine storage. The humidity for wine preservation should generally be about 60% - 70%. If the humidity is too high, mold will be produced at the bottle mouth, which will make the wine label moldy and fall off, and affect the quality of the wine.

If the humidity is not enough, the cork on the wine bottle will shrink, ranging from trouble when opening the bottle to loss of sealing function, leading to air entry and affecting the wine fermentation.

The professional wine cabinet has a perfect ventilation system, which can keep the air fresh through the activated carbon plugs at the top and bottom of the wine cabinet, and can also increase the internal humidity appropriately through the difference between the temperature in the wine cabinet and the outdoor temperature. Refrigerators are obviously not so professional in ventilation and humidity regulation.


Different structures

Refrigerators can be divided into multi temperature areas for separate refrigeration or freezing, while ordinary wine coolers only have the function of constant temperature refrigeration, which is not satisfactory.

Different materials

The design materials of the wine cooler are more sophisticated. In order to better meet the storage needs of special food, shelves are mostly made of wood. The shelves of refrigerators are mostly made of tempered glass and plastic, and there are some differences in the internal quality.

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