How Bodega Refrigerators Are Featured by Influencers

At the beginning of 2023, before Spring. Let's look back at the past in the beautiful moment of freeze-frame that Bodega refrigerators with some of our Instagram influencers. 

The places that have visited and the variety of landscape that have been seen are recorded and treasured in Bodega's memories. 

1. Bodega Refrigerator 38qt Dual Zone TWW35 by @adventuresofmaddox

Ever wish it was easier to keep your food cold when you travel? That you didn’t have to deal with refilling ice or food getting soggy? Or the big one: that you could safely and easily travel with your dog’s raw food?

Bodega cooler Portable Refrigerator TWW35
This @bodegacooler portable fridge/freezer is a total game changer. It’s dual zoned and you can set the temperature in each zone as desired— I like to use the larger side as a fridge and the smaller as a freezer.

You can plug it right into your car or portable power station to keep it running.

 You may want to get one here: Bodega portable refrigerator T36

2. Bodega Refrigerator 38qt Dual Zone T36 by @jk_trlfndr

This is such a great product! Been on the road and on the trails for the past week and this thing has been very convenient! We have tackled some pretty tough trails with this in the back of the jeep and it has not failed us once!

Bodega cooler portable refrigerator T36

Check more: Bodega cooler portable refrigerator T36

3. Bodega Refrigerator 53qt Dual Zone T50 by@tailgatingchallenge

Tired of buying ice? Check out our latest review of the @bodegacooler

All electric with dual temperature zones for fridge and freezer.

Bodega refrigerator 53qt T50
Why do you want this cooler?  Bodega portable refrigerator T50


4.  Bodega RV Refrigerator 45qt Dual Zone R50 by

We've been without a refrigerator for a long time, but because of that we also had to throw away some food. That alone is why it is worth having a fridge in the motorhome in the long run.
Bodega RV fridge R50

The fridge lets you set and control safely via Bluetooth. The 45L capacity is easy enough for shopping. We think the detached freezer is particularly cool, it is indicated at -20 degrees, but only at full power. We had run the fridge on the lowest floor and got here at -2 degrees. Installation of the Bodega Cooler was very easy and even succeeded without instructions.

We are very satisfied with the device from @bodegacooler and can recommend it with thumbs up. Passed the test 😁💛

Check more details about this RV fridge: Bodega RV refrigerator R50

5. BODEGAcooler 12V Portable Car Fridge Freezer K18 by @ @jpcru5h 

Can't wait to use it!!!!


Want to get one? Check here: Bodega car fridge/freezer K18

6. Bodega Refrigerator 59qt Dual Zone TWW55 by @dodgerjeep2013

The @bodegacooler is an absolute game changer! This was a great addition to our trail day. Had so much space for drinks and snacks and kept everything perfectly cold all day with no ice!

Portable refrigerator TWW55

Make sure to grab one now and get Bodega Portable Refrigerator TWW55 under the tree for your special jeeper!

7. BODEGAcooler 12V Portable Car Fridge Freezer K25 by @xxgabriellaohxx

Tired of last minute forgetful ice stops? 🧊 with @bodegacooler you can plug 🔌 them in & off you go! With adjustable temperature control ranging from -4ºF~68ºF your food and drinks can always stay at the perfect temperatures

Portable car fridge K25
✔️ Fast cooling
✔️Carrying Handles
✔️Quiet Motor
✔️Chills Down To -4 F
✔️ Digital Temperature Adjustment
✔️ Interior LED Lighting
✔️USB Port For Charging

Make sure to check out @bodegacooler for their various options! Website Below:
Bodega K25 

8. Bodega Refrigerator 38qt Dual Zone TWW35 by @comandojk

This @bodegacooler portable fridge/freezer is a camping game changer. It's dual zoned, so you can set the temperature in each zone as desired. 🥶🍦🍧

No more refilling ice or food getting soggy! 🧊🚫

You can plug it right into your car or a portable power station to keep it running! 🔌

Portable refrigerator TWW35

9. Bodega Solar Panel by @exploringmundos

Testing out @bodegacooler new solar panels! Pretty impressed with how light and small they packed. USB and type C ports available too.

Bodega solar panel

It's easy to generate electricity during outdoor with Bodega solar panels.


10. BODEGAcooler Mini 12V Portable Freezer P15 by @exploringmundos

Testing the new Bodega Cooler SP15. Really digging the two battery compartment. This allows me to charge the bank while keeping the drinks nice and cool.

Bodega Mini Portable Fridge

To make your camping more cool with Bodega Mini portable refrigerator.

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Harry E Roberson

Harry E Roberson

T50 not cooling. Seem the C Pentane has leaked out of system. HELP cannot find parts site or tech info.

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