BODEGAcooler Mini 12V Outdoor Fridge P15 16QT/15L

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Model: P15 without batteries
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Key Features:

      • Temperature Control: Precise temperature control with digital control panel, you can adjust it as a fridge or a freezer.
      • Small Size for Personal Use: The 16 quart refrigerator is equipped with ergonomic’s easy to take it alone for trip, fishing and other outdoor activities.
      • Car Battery Protection: With temperature memory function and 3-level(H/M/L) battery protection function prevents a dead starter battery, this mini fridge giving you valuable peace of mind while cooling for long periods. 
      • Meet Daily Use: The sturdy door latch and inner gasket made good sealing properties, mini personal fridge continues to keep cooling performance during your journey.
      • Different cooling modes: -4℉to 68℉adjustable temperature range, choose ECO (economical)cooling mode, it will be running silently and energy saving. The Max cooling mode is fast and powerful freezing.
      • LCD Display: The LCD display panel can help you set the temperature in a dimly lit environment. 
      • The Reinforced handle:  This mini fridge comes with an ergonomic handle, makes it easier to carry.
      • Anti-Vibration: Shockproof and durable design for handling rocky road.
      • CFC free and great heat insulation, ECO-friendly and safe choice.
      • Consumes 1 kWh Per Day: The rated power of the 12V truck refrigerator in MAX mode is 45W, which consumes less than 1 kWh per day.
      • Detachable battery (optional) lasts 12 hours.
      • Removable Logo


Model  P15 P8
Capacity 15L/16Quarts 8L/9Quarts
Product Size(L*W*H)  17.04*12.20*18.39 inches 15.47*9.88*17.44 inches
Interior Size(L*W*H)  12.05*7.32*9.8 inches 10.67*5.24*8.74 inches
Packing Size(L*W*H)  18.62*14.57*20.94 inches 16.57*11.96*19.01 inches
N.W./G. W  8 kg/10.6 kg 7.8 kg/9.8 kg
Rated Voltage  AC 110V~240V DC 12V/24V AC 110V~240V DC 12V/24V
Rated Current AC 0.8A-0.3A DC 4.0A-2.0A AC 0.8A-0.3A DC 4.0A-2.0A
Rated Power Input
 45W 45W
Noise Level  ≤45dB ≤45dB
Climate Class  T/ST/N/SN T/ST/N/SN
Temperature Range  -4 °F~68 °F(-20℃~20℃) -4 °F~68 °F(-20℃~20℃)
Battery Net Weight 1.13 kg/pc 1.13 kg

Download Manual here>>


P8 Freezer*1
P8 Instruction Manual*1
AC 110~120V adapter *1
DC 12V~24V car charging cable *1


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jason G.

Worked great for entire camping trip off grid (3 full days) on battery. Returned coleman thermoelectric cooler for this and very glad I did. Shows voltage from battery and keeps stable Temps even in eco mode (35w). Great insulation so despite 90-100 degree highs, it was off more than it was on. It is also so quiet I could hardly hear it when compressor was running. It seems solid, well built. It also fits easily in the space we have in our camper. We highly recommend this brand/product.


You may think it is on the small side at first, but remember, you no longer need to make room for ice. It is heavier, but not if you think about not having to add ice to it. This can easily freeze your water bottles if you set the temperature that low. I love the portability and functionality of this gadget. It really is one of the best purchases I've made.

Purple S.

Love the form factor. Can hold a wine bottle upright and really fits a ton of food, while fitting in a weird space behind my seat. However, when it's loaded full the bottom is colder than the top - things on the bottom might freeze while the top is refrigerated. I treat that as a feature not a bug, as I now put meat in the bottom to keep it lightly frozen. But you have to manage it.

Peggy Harper

We have the larger Bodega cooler which worked great on our trips, but it's heavy. So we're trying this smaller one which will be fine. Except for the lack of [****] replies, we will enjoy this freezer.

Peggy H.

We have the larger Bodega cooler which worked great on our trips, but it's heavy. So we're trying this smaller one which will be fine. Except for the lack of [****] replies, we will enjoy this freezer.