6 Flavor Cocktails with Wine

1. Spritzer Cocktail

Ingredient: 90ml red wine or white wine, Sparkling Water, lemon peel, twisted into spiral shape

How to: 1. Pour the wine into a wine glass with ice cubes. 2. Add bubble water, 3. Then add lemon peel as decoration.

2. Fruit Wine SAGARILA

Ingredients: a bottle of red wine, orange (2 for juice), lemon (half for juice); sprite (2 cans, please add white syrup if you use soda water); apple (1, peeled, cored and chopped; pineapple (can be used without, a little chopped); strong white alcohol (100ML, such as vodka or JIM or RUM; ice cubes (a little, you can also directly cool the wine after freezing soda water);

How to: fully mix all the above Ingredient.

3. Peach Beauty

Ingredient: 90ml white wine, 30ml peach liqueur, 15ml pomegranate juice, 40ml milk

Method: shake

Carrying cup: goblet

How to: 1. Add ice cubes into the shaker.

2. Add milk, pomegranate juice, peach liqueur and white wine in turn.

3. Shake well and strain into the glass.

Flavor: elegant pink, soft taste, which is the best choice for ladies.

4. Red Wine Cooler

Ingredient: 30ml red wine, 30ml orange juice, 10ml red pomegranate, 10ml Cointreau, soda water

Decoration: orange slice

Method: shake

Carrying cup: goblet

How to: 1. Fulfill the glass with crushed ice.

2. Put some ice cubes into the shaker.
3. Add the above Ingredient into the wine shaker in turn.
4. Shake well and strain into the glass. Fill it with soda and water.
5. Garnish with orange slices.

Flavor: Orange juice and grapes are blended together, which is cool and fruity. With low alcohol content is a wine cocktail for women.

5. Tard Milk Tea

Ingredients: 30ml white wine, 30ml blue orange, 30ml peach liqueur, 15ml pomegranate juice, 60ml milk

Method: shake

Carrying cup: goblet

How to: 1. Add ice cubes into the shaker.

2. Add milk, red pomegranate juice, peach liqueur, blue orange and white wine in turn.

3. Shake well and strain into the cup.

Flavor: The color of this wine is like the color of taro milk tea, and the taste is very close.

6. Fruit Punch

Ingredient: 90ml red wine, 60ml orange juice, 20ml lemon juice, 2 spoons of fresh fruit (canned assorted food), appropriate amount of sprite

Decoration: orange slice

Method: summing up

Carrying cup: wine cup

How to: 1. First add the fruit into the cup.

2. Half full of ice cubes.

3. Add lemon juice, orange juice and red wine in turn.

4. Add sprite to eight full.

 To make the cocktails, you make need a wine and beverage to store your wine, drinks and fruits. 

This Bodega wine and beverage cooler is ready for you. 

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