How to Make a Turkey without a Real Turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Here is a recipe of "Turkey", you may be interested to cook by yourself, and I think your kid might want to help. Check it out now! 


Cooked Pumpkin Purée  160g
Cocoa powder 5g
Instant yeast powder 2g
Sugar  20g
Red bean filling, or purple potato filling or taro paste filling 150g

1. Prepare dough that can be made into 6 steamed buns or 5 75g steamed buns. 

2. Pumpkin purée


3. Divide the 150g filling into 6 equal portions, 25g each, knead round and cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for standby.

4. Mix all the ingredients of the dough part and knead it into a smooth and soft dough.

5. The dough is divided into six portions of 40g, 16g and 8g. Round and cover.
6. Take a 40g dough and flatten it, and thin the edges slightly.
7. Take a filling and place it in the tundish and squeeze it tightly.
8. Roll the mouth down as shown in the figure.
9. Hold the dough in one hand, and with the help of the blunt side of the scraper, make a deep mark on the thick end.
10. Then use the sharp side of the scraper to continue to make a deep mark and gently press a shallow mark in the middle of the dough, so that the turkey body is ready.

11. Take a 16g portion of dough and knead it long. At the same time, use the index fingers of both hands to slightly knead it close to the ends of both ends. The overall length is slightly longer than the body.

12. Cut the chicken legs into two pieces with a scraper from the middle 🍗

13. Gently smear a layer of water on both sides of the lower part of the body, lean the chicken leg slightly upward, and stick it to the position where the water is applied, and stick it tightly at the edge.

14. Glue the ends of two chicken legs together.

15. Take a 8g small dough, knead it long and thin at both ends, and the length is close to twice the length of the body.

16. Cut into two sections from the middle.

17. Press out the shape of two chicken wings with a scraper.

18. Then press the middle section and the tip of the wing flat, and the tip of the wing should be more flat.

19. Gently smear a layer of water on both sides of the upper middle part of the body to glue the chicken wings.

20. The shape of a roast turkey is ready. You can say it is a roast turkey 😄。

21. Repeat the steps to shape all the turkeys, put them into the steamer and cover the pot, leaving a seam around the pot for ventilation. Add about three centimeters of water into the pot, heat it until it is warm and not hot. Put the steamed buns/steamed buns on the steamer for fermentation.

22. After the fermentation reaches about 1.5 times the size, gently press the chicken leg with your fingers. The dough is soft and can be steamed after it rebounds slowly. Steam on high fire, and time after the water boils ⌛ The fire can be stopped after 10 minutes, and the lid can be uncovered after 5 minutes of steaming. In fact, the finished product in the picture is slightly lacking in fermentation, and its surface is relatively rough.


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