Several Portable refrigerators suitable for camping in autumn

Unconsciously, the heat of summer fades away, and the air is a bit cooler and more comfortable. September has arrived, the autumn wind is not dry, the sun is just fine, it is a good time for camping.

Take a weekend camping trip with your family or friends, set up a tent, set up tables and chairs, talk with friends, and enjoy DIY food, what a wonderful time!

It won’t be a good trip without the help of a car refrigerator, because food and drinks are the very important part during camping. Here are some refrigerators suitable for autumn outing.

BODEGA 12 Volt RV Refrigerator 45L(1.6cu.ft) R50 RV Fridge and Freezer

If you’re planning to travel with a RV or a Truck for a weekend, then a small RV fridge may be a good choice for this trip. This RV Refrigerator is designed to improve RV lovers' living and entertaining comfort.

“I bought this to take camping and since my truck has a 450 watt converter installed, and I am tired of constantly getting ice and having everything be dripping wet in a cooler. I have used one of those 12 volt coolers in the past, but they are noisy and more importantly put out a lot of heat in the fan. This mini fridge did fab on the trip!! I also have a solar generator to use when the truck is not running. The fridge was quiet as a mouse, the air flow was not super heated and with the solar generator as a power source could run 24 hours without having to recharge the generator. I am impressed. Well worth the money!! Makes going off grid comfortable and fun.” review by Evelyn

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BODEGAcooler Portable Freezer TWW75 80Qt/75L Dual Zone Upgrade with Wi-Fi APP Control

“I bought this to keep in the trunk of my SUV to keep water cold for the kids and keep groceries cold while we're driving and it works perfectly for this. I've used it for so much more!

We recently went on an RV trip and this Bodega cooler was a huge help vs a non-powered cooler for the simple fact that we did not have to carry ice around! When we did want ice, it was easy to store it in one of the two compartments and set it to below freezing. This thing is also great for parties because you NEVER HAVE TO CARRY ICE AROUND! If you've lugged heavy slushy coolers around, you will appreciate this. We were able to stop anywhere along the way and throw some groceries in a we went and didn't have to worry about them getting soggy from melting ice or too warm.” 

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BODEGAcooler Portable Refridgerator BD45 48Qt/45L with a Basket

For family camping holds more that enough food and drinks for a weekend and I ran it off solar and battery it maintained it's temp +- 2 degrees  and used up to much space to keep in camper so used it in the pavilion area for everyone to get drinks.

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