Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) Review: A Portable, Dual Zone, 80-Quart Car Fridge and Freezer

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The Lowdown

The Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) is a cooler and freezer with dual-zone temperature controls. While it looks like a heavy-duty cooler on wheels, there is much more to this product.

  • Rugged build quality
  • Retractable handle and off-road wheels
  • Large freezing and cooling zones with removable baskets
  • You can set both zones to cool or freeze


  • It can get quite heavy when fully loaded


5 stars
Whether camping, traveling, or simply shopping in the city, we often need a way to keep food and drinks cold or frozen. Grocery shopping means a long drive, and insulated grocery bags are often insufficient. The Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) 80-quart Dual Zone portable cooler and freezer is the perfect answer for all these situations.
The Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) is a cooler and freezer with dual-zone temperature controls. While it looks like a heavy-duty cooler on wheels, there is much more to this product.

The package includes a 12V/24V DC power cord and a 100V-240V AC power cord.

The Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) weighs 66.9 pounds and measures 32.5″ long by 21 wide 18.5″ tall. The cooler is built to be rugged; I’m very pleased with the build quality and have no worries about taking it anywhere.

The retractable handle and off-road wheels are solid and make it easy to move the fridge anywhere. The doors are high quality and snap closed for a tight seal. Both doors are easily reversible without needing any tools; they snap off and snap back onto the other side. The doors’ ability to be easily switched comes in handy, depending on how the cooler is loaded or stored.

TWW75 dual zoneBoth zones include a basket, which comes in more handy than I ever would have thought.

Inside, you will find two zones; the left is 48-quart capacity, and the right is 31-quart. The reason for the size difference is that the Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) needs space for the compressor that does all of the cooling.

Each zone contains a basket; although I would have never thought of having a basket in a cooler like this, it is surprisingly useful. To maximize space, we’ll remove the baskets, pack items to fit the best way inside the baskets, and then set the baskets down inside the cooler; it’s so much easier to pack everything efficiently.

TWW75 with 2 basketsBodegacoolers has integrated helpful features into this portable freezer, like the LED light for each zone. There are also plugs in both zones in case of a spill that needs to be drained. While not having the light wouldn’t be a dealbreaker, having them makes a product that looks like a standard ice chest feel like a refrigerator/freezer.

TWW75 with 2 basketsThe dual zone cooling can be set with the display on the side of the fridge (or from the mobile app) and is easy to change. Temperatures range from -4°F to 68°F with both Max and Eco modes.

Bodega lists 15-minute fast cooling in the left zone from 68°F to 32°F. Many factors will affect cooling speed, including outdoor temperatures and humidity levels. My tests showed the claims to be accurate, and I am pleased with the cooling speed.

TWW75 LED controlThree levels of battery protection ensure the Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) will not damage or deplete batteries from a connected source. “H” should be used when connected to a car, and “M” or “L” should be used when connected to a portable or backup battery.

TWW75 with APP control

There are so many things I love about the Bodegacooler Portable Freezer. The rugged cooler style makes it easy to move around and use even when outdoors. The retractable handle and off-road wheels help alleviate any difficulties moving with the added weight of the compressor and cooler contents when loaded.

I like that there are multiple ways to power the Bodegacooler Portable Freezer, and it runs quietly and cools quickly. Being able to make either side a refrigerator or freezer is a feature that will make it usable in most situations. Small details like the included baskets, LED lights, and drain plugs make this cooler stand out from other portable refrigerator options.

One thing to keep in mind is that because the Bodegacooler is almost 70 pounds when empty, and it can hold so much in its two compartments, it can get quite heavy when filled if it needs to be lifted. Having the removable baskets in each zone will help lighten the cooler long enough to lift it into a vehicle when you need to travel with it, and it is already fully loaded.

 Our family has quickly adapted to using the Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) as our go-to cooling and freezing option when away from home. It has already been on several grocery runs, and it will often join me at the ranch.

The Bodegacooler Portable Freezer (TWW75) sells for $809; it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Rugged build quality; Retractable handle and off-road wheels; Large freezing and cooling zones with removable baskets; You can set both zones to cool or freeze

What Needs Improvement: It can get quite heavy when fully loaded.

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Tommie Smith

My friend she has a cooler that you’ll gave her for free I guess for advertising you on her site I would like to see something smaller because hers is bigger but I love it never seen anything like it as far as coolers and I travel alot playing in flag football tournament and I would love to show off a cooler like something like that im sure more people would want one if they could see it and thank you I thank you have a nice product with that.

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