The American Uncle is Camping Deep in The Mountains Alone
Many people choose to relax every once in a while. Some people like to travel, while others like to lock themselves in a deep mountain alone. They live for several days, but after reading their daily ingredients, Let the population flow even more!

Generally speaking, they will carry a few steaks up the mountain! Make a grilled steak to eat, and the firewood is usually selected on-site, and you have to chop the wood yourself. You don’t need to put too much complicated nesting, just throw the steak into the pot and fry it until it's 80% cooked. Cut the steak open, the inside reveals a faint pink color. Europeans and Americans think that the steak tastes better! Sometimes, they don’t even bring the pot, they just wrap the steak in flour, take a large stone slab and place it on the fire, and slowly cook the steak. The flour on the surface is already charred, and the steak inside is just seven minutes away. Cooked, pour a little sauce on it and eat it, it’s so popping!

A few catties of steak can be eaten by Americans in one meal. If it's winter, put some ice cubes and pour the red wine in, not to mention how beautiful it is! Do you like this life?

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