The BODEGA 36L Cooler with Compressor Review

Credit: by Hervé BPM

In this article, I will present to you and give my opinion on the Bodega T36 electric cooler, a model that promises to be efficient and practical.

Bodega's T36 electric cooler offers a versatile refrigeration solution for travelers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. With its capacity of 36 liters, it can accommodate around forty cans or around twenty bottles.

This cooler stands out for its two independent refrigeration zones, offering full temperature control, which you can even adjust from your phone.

36qt portable fridge package

36qt portable fridge package36qt portable fridge package

Rapid Cooling Performance

Bodega's T36 model uses compression technology to ensure rapid cooling. In just 15 minutes, it can lower the temperature of its contents from 20°C to 0°C, ensuring optimal preservation of your food. In addition, you have the freedom to adjust the temperature of each zone from -20°C to 20°C, or independently. You can do this directly on the cooler thanks to its integrated control panel or from your smartphone via a dedicated application.

car fridge app controlcar fridge app control

Compression Technology: Effective Cooling

The compression cooler, such as the T36, is recognized for its exceptional refrigeration performance. It works using a compressor which compresses a refrigerant gas to produce cold. This technology helps keep your food fresh, even in hot weather, and even offers the option of freezing if necessary. It comes close to the performance of a real refrigerator, while offering a variety of sizes to meet various needs.

Power Versatility

This cooler offers you the possibility of powering it in different ways, whether via a mains socket, a cigarette lighter socket or even by plugging it into a generator or solar panel.

36qt car fridge power cords36qt car fridge power supply

A protection system preserves your car's battery when you use it on the road. In addition, the cooler emits a low noise level, reaching a maximum of 47 decibels, making it relatively quiet for a model in this category.

Ease of Transport

The Bodega T36 is designed to be easily transportable. It is equipped with casters and a foldable handle, making it easy to move, even on uneven terrain. Additionally, the cooler has a USB port that allows you to charge your phone, adding a touch of convenience to your outdoor adventures.

36qt car fridge storagebodega car fridge storage

Technical characteristics

  • Brand: Bodega
  • Model: T36
  • Refrigeration Type: Compression
  • Capacity: 36 liters
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 20°C
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V; AC 230V
  • Possible connections: Mains, cigarette lighter (and therefore solar panel or generator)
  • Casters: Yes
  • Other Features: USB charging
  • Weight: 18.62 kg
  • Dimensions: 72.39 x 35.99 x 36.8 cm


In summary, the Bodega T36 electric cooler offers a versatile and efficient refrigeration solution for all your travels. Its compression technology ensures rapid cooling, while its two independent refrigeration zones and smartphone application make temperature control easy.

Plus, its easy power and transport make it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures.

👍 On-screen or app control (for Android / IOS)

👍 Independent control of two zones Curler and Refrigerator

👍 Wheel, retractable handle

👍 Battery protection 3 modes H/M/L

👍 Supports 12/24V DC and 100 – 240V AC (cables provided)

Although its capacity may seem limited, and it is a little noisy and the temperatures displayed are not correct (you will not have -20c but rather -12c). It does a great job of keeping your food fresh. 

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