Bodega TWW45 12 volt cooler review

Credit: by RV Gadget Geek

Today we’re reviewing the Bodega TWW45 portable 12 volt cooler. This is a larger 12 volt cooler with about 45 liters of capacity in two compartments. 

Bodega reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try one of their coolers. I typically am not that excited about these because I have a similar one. But when I looked at this model with two compartments, each with their own temperature control, I thought I’d give it a try. 

portalbe fridge 45l

Bodega TWW45 features

This cooler is set-up with two compartments, each with their own temperature control. You have a larger 31 quart compartment and a smaller 14 quart compartment. 

Each compartment also has a wire basket in it and a light. The larger of the two compartments also has a drain hole in it with a plug. 

There is a single lid over the whole thing which can be flipped to open from either side. Inside the lid there’s a cutting board which can nest on a space on the outside of the lid when you’re using it. 

portable fridge cut board

The cooler measures 28” long, 17 1/4” tall, 18” deep. It can operate from an included 12 volt “power port” cord or a 120vac standard household outlet. 

There’s a control panel on the front that lets you set the temperature for each of the compartments and also shows the setting as well as the measured temperature in each compartment. 

You can also control the cooler’s functions with a Bluetooth app that you would download. This lets you do everything you can do on the control panel of the cooler but you can also see what the internal temps are remotely.

There is a provision for high performance or more economical operation and a battery saver mode.

The battery saver mode is meant for when you plug this into your car when the car’s not running so you don’t kill the battery. Makes sense, right? 

portable fridge 45l


I absolutely love these gadgets for a variety of reasons. I am writing this from a two month road trip and this cooler is in the back seat of my truck running from a portable power station (solar generator). 

The reason for this is that I’m charging the portable power station with the truck. When we’re driving it’s topping off the battery. When we’re parked the cooler continues to operate. 

This makes it ideal for lunches in the cooler along with water and drinks. No reason to go all the way back to the RV for a drink or a snack, the cooler’s right there in the back seat. 

We also use this on Costco runs where we fill the larger compartment with things that need to be refrigerated and the smaller one with things that need to stay frozen. 

This could also be used for medications if you have something that needs to stay at a certain temperature. 

Of course this was popular at the FROG rally where Mike Sokol and I kept beer cold in the cooler using the outside plug that is using the inverter and battery in my travel trailer. 

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 Check the video below. 

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