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Hey guys, I hope you're doing well.

Today I was going to talk about a certain product that get asked many questions about while living and traveling. 12-volt refrigerators that literally only plug in to the cigarette outlet of your car. You were probably pretty skeptical about 12-volt fridges when you first heard about them, like I was. When I first saw a 12-volt fridge, I was browsing on Google for different tools and different ways to cook in my car and store food in my car, because I live and travel in my car.

T36 fridge 

When I first saw uh these 12 volt fridges, I immediately brushed them off, because I figured that they were some kind of you know faulty product. I figured they didn't really work, they weren't real fridges, or maybe even a fire hazard or something. Because you know they don't sell these in regular stores like you know Walmart or Home Depot or whoever has appliances. So I was a little skeptical, and I brushed it off.

As you know that these weren't that I wasn't going to get one, but then I started doing tons of research on other people that had car campers and a lot of them had 12 volt fridges. Truck drivers use these, people use these in their RV. I saw tons of people that were using them and I thought to myself okay well maybe there is something to these 12-volt Fridges. So I did more and more research and um I finally decided that I was going to get one.

To be honest here, I've had a 12v fridge for eight months, and I'm very happy with it, and here I'm going to show you different tips and techniques and ways to use it.

I normally keep the fridge um behind the passenger seat and I can uh just reach over and open it while I'm sitting in the driver's Seat. This is what kind of stuff I typically keep in, like fresh fruit apples, vegetables like that's onions and celery and green Peppers, food like chicken breast, burgers, little lunchable snack things, and some cans of sodas, etc. I use it like a real fridge.

12v fridge

The thing I that I learn is how to power the fridge at night, that's what people are gonna wonder the most.

If you really want to power your fridge at night: you can get more you can get uh power stations; you can plug it into the 12 volt socket of the power station overnight and let it run that way.

Another method you can do which I do the most is simply not power your fridge at night. If you're going to do this um you got to be really careful because I keep my fridge freezing. I usually keep it around 30 degrees before I go to bed. Especially in the summer, I will uh set my fridge down really low like 20 degrees for like maybe like 30 minutes 30 to 60 minutes before I go to bed. Why I set it down really low, because that will make the inside really, freezing.

However, it won't actually freeze everything because it takes a while for it to get that cold, and then to finally you know freeze everything. I set the temperature down to that low until it will get these walls the insulation, like metal insulation thing. As long as you don't open the lid, it will maintain that internal temperature good enough to not cause food to spoil overnight. What I have found is that, during the winter time, it's usually only like five to ten degrees warmer inside the fridge when I wake up in the morning after it being off all night long. It can get a little warmer in the summer, like I said I keep it around 30 degrees, when you turn the fridge down that low for like 30 minutes it's not going to freeze everything like I said. It's just going to take a lot longer than that to truly freeze everything.

12v fridge

Actually, it'll just get the insulation in the fridge to cold enough to maintain that temperature, and also you don't want to open the fridge, when you do that then you'll let a lot of the cold air out. So you better to keep it closed. I saw a guy was saying that he would get a down blanket and put it on top of the fridge and around the fridge to help insulate it to keep the cold. This is another way you can also get an auxiliary battery, so it charges the fridge while you're driving and when the car is off. I've been real happy with 12v fridge it does the job, and it works great.


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