Wine Storage: Guide to Keeping Wine at Home

Store Wine at The Right Temperature, and Keep It Consistent

About 68℉(20℃)accelerates aging.
Keep the temperature between 45℉(7℃)and 65℉(18℃). The ideal temperature for wine storage is 55℉(13℃).  Below 25℉(-4℃)freezes wine, causing it to expand and damage the cork.

wine storage temperature
🍾🍷 Fluctuating temperatures can cause the cork to expand and contract, allowing wine to seep out or air to seep in.

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Store Wine at The Proper Humidity

Keep humidity levels between 50% and 80%: the ideal humidity level is 70%.

Low humidity causes the cork to dry out, letting air in and spoiling the wine.
If humidity is too low, place a pan of water in the storage area.

wine storage humidity

🍾🍷 If humidity is too high, use a dehumidifier.

Avoid Light: Storage Wine in a Dark Location

Ultraviolet light from the sun and incandescent light bulbs can heat up the wine, pushing the cork out and causing oxidization. This alters the flavor of the wine and accelerates aging.

wine storage avoid light
🍾🍷 LED lights can be used in a wine cellar to keep your wines safe.
🍾🍷 "Light struck" is when wine gives off a funny smell from being hit by ultraviolet rays.

Protect Wine From Vibration

Vibrations can disturb sediments in the bottle, which takes away from the aroma and flavor and disrupts the aging process.

keep away from vibration
Keep wine away from your washer and dryer, exercise equipment, power tools, stereo system, electric musical instruments and amps, dishwasher, and the top of the refrigerator.

Store Wine Bottles Horizontally

Storing bottles with corks horizontally keeps the cork moist, a necessity for long-term storage, and to keep the cork from becoming brittle and falling apart.

store wine horrizonly
🍾🍷 Bottles with screw tops can be stored horizontally or vertically.

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Store Wine Away From Odors

Corks are porous, which allows the wine to breathe but also allows strong odors to permeate the cork and taint the flavor of the wine.
Keep wine away from garbage cans, food like garlic and onions, paint cans, and cleaning products.

keep away from odor
🍾🍷 Storing wine in the fridge long-term can allow odors from food to permeate the cork and bottle.

Store Wine for The Appropriate Amount of Time

Most bottles of wine can be stored for 1 to 3 years before going bad. Select wines with a specific balance of tannins and sugars get better with age and can be stored for more than a decade.
store wine time

Use a Wine Cellar for Aging Wines Over a Long Period of Time

Wine cellars are the best choice to promote proper aging of fine wines that will be stored for years. Benefits of wine cellars include:

wine cellar
🍷 Mimics the underground environment, where it's always 55℉(13℃).
🍷 Better control over humidity levels.
🍷 Protects wine from vibrations.
🍷 Big enough to hold a large collection of wine.

Store Wine in A Wine Fridge Rather Than in A Regular Fridge

A wine fridge is a good choice for those without a wine cellar that is consistently dark and cool. It stores wine at the proper temperature, unlike a regular fridge, and avoids contamination from food odors.

wine fridge

Store Open Bottles of Wine Correctly to Maintain Flavor

Reseal the bottle promptly and tightly with the original cork or a rubber stopper and store at lower temperatures, like the fridge, to keep it fresher longer.

open wine storage
Open wines last:
Sparkling wine: 1–2 days
White wine and rose: 3–5 days
Red wine: 3–6 days
Dessert wine: 3–7 days
Port wine: 1–3 weeks

🍾🍷 To easily recork the bottle, wrap wax paper around the bottom of the cork to help it slide back in. This will also keep any pieces of cork from falling into the wine.
🍾🍷 A wine vacuum pump can keep opened bottles fresher for longer by sucking the air out of the bottle to create an airtight seal.

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