4 Things To Know When Buying A Car Refrigerator in Summer

Whether to buy a car refrigerator in summer?

Whether to buy a car refrigerator in summer or not depends on personal needs. If you like road trip, long-distance road trip; or some working needs, such as long-distance driver, then bring a car refrigerator may bring more convenience and pleasure to your trip.

 A car refrigerator can keep food fresh on the road. If you’re having a long-distance trip with a car refrigerator, you don't have to worry about not having a bite of fresh food during the trip. If you’re having an outdoor picnic, you can bring more fresh food, drinks or snacks and store in the car refrigerator. It's simply a mobile freezer, which can bring convenience and joy to your journey. The long-distance driver can drink cold drinks and eat fresh food anytime and anywhere in summer.

 Some people say car refrigerator would be idle in winter. I don’t think so, because many car refrigerators are used for both cars and homes. When they are not needed on the road, they can be moved to home. At home, they are a small freezer for fruits, drinks, or children at home. It can also use to keep their skin care products fresh. Actually, car refrigerator has a wide range of uses.

Here are four things you need to pay attention to when buying a car refrigerator.

1. Refrigeration performance

The refrigeration performance of car refrigerators is affected by some factors, such as ambient temperature and voltage stability. Many refrigerators claim to be able to cool to minus 20 degrees. If the ambient temperature is about 25 degrees, ¬†put in a bottle 550 Ml drinking water, and set the refrigerator temperature to -20 ‚ĄÉ for about three hours. Then there are ice flowers around, and it takes about 10 hours to completely freeze.



There are 3 types of car refrigerator sell on the market. Check previous article: 3 types of Portable Refrigerator. The compressor type portable refrigerator is a good choice.

The compressor type portable refrigerator has fast cooling function, its cooling temperature can reach - 18 ‚ĄÉ, we can also control the temperature in sections. The compressor refrigerator is used in many kinds of vehicles, such as RV, truck, even on boats.

Here we recommend you Bodega TWW45 car refrigerator: it adopts strong DC Compressor refrigeration technology, with high quality, long working life and fast cooling performance. Strong compressor can make the empty portable refrigerator temperature's to 32‚ĄČ(0‚ĄÉ) in 15 min by max mode.


on-board refrigerators may be¬†moved¬†frequently¬†during use,¬†so¬†having¬†good shock resistance¬†is very important.¬†No matter, driving in mountainous areas or cities, you will encounter the situation of climbing. A good car refrigerator should still work normally when the inclination is ‚ȧ¬į 30.¬†This is irreplaceable for household refrigerators.

Because of its overall external smooth lines and equipped with a multi-functional non-slip base, the lateral displacement is greatly reduced. When your car is climbing at an inclination angle of 30 degrees, the TWW45 car portable freezer can still run stably.


4. Safety

Many people will ask whether there is a risk of electric leakage when the car refrigerator is placed in the car?

A good on-board refrigerator will automatically cut off power when the battery voltage is lower than the set value, to ensure the start of the car and prevent the excessive discharge of the battery and the shortening of its service life.

What if the refrigerator overturns, if the road is rough when I drive?

A good on-board refrigerator automatically starts the anti overturn protection when the inclination angle is ‚Č•¬į30, in this way,¬†the compressor stops working to prevent potential safety hazards.

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