Travel with a Car Cooler in Summer

What’s the Car Cooler?

I believe many people must know about car refrigerators, but what about car cooler?

Car cooler, different from car refrigerator, is an environment-friendly and energy-saving appliance for refrigeration and insulation. It does not use electricity power to cool, which means it has no cooling and heating functions. But it can keep the temperature of the objects in the box for a while. How long it keeps the temperature depends on the performance of the cooler itself, the temperature of the items stored in the cooler, and the ambient temperature. The car coolers and car refrigerators in Bodega website are of various styles and affordable.

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What are the benefits of using a car cooler?

Heat resistance, cold resistance and durability: because the car cooler needs long-term insulation, it has the characteristics of heat resistance and cold resistance. It will not deform in high-temperature water, and can even be disinfected with boiling water. Because of the diversity of use scenarios, it has durable characteristics and superior impact resistance. It is not easy to crack when pressed or impacted, and will not leave scratches.

Sealed and fresh-keeping: as a cooler, the sealing and fresh-keeping performance must be of high quality. The better the sealing and fresh-keeping performance, the longer the freshness of food can be maintained.

 Multi function and environmental: most of the on-board coolers on the market have the characteristics of multi-function and diversification, which can give car owners more choices. In addition, the car adopts food grade environmental protection materials, which are non-toxic, tasteless, UV resistant and not easy to change color.


How to Use A Car Cooler?

Coolers are used for:

  1. Family tourism, barbecue, fishing and other outdoor activities - preserve fresh foods such as fruits, beverages, meat and seafood to make tourism more pleasant.
  1. All kinds of restaurants, hotels and fast food delivery restaurants - fresh food and maintain the freshness of food during delivery.

Because the car cooler does not need electricity, the owner needs to prepare sufficient ice bags or ice cubes; and the prepared food needs to be frozen or refrigerated in advance to extend the insulation time of the cooler. The cooler should be placed in a cool place outdoors without sunlight.

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