7 Outdoor Activities Good for Autumn

Autumn is not only the golden season for exercise, but also the best time for outdoor sports.

At this time, the temperature is appropriate, and the weather is crisp, which is a good time for outdoor activities.

The following are some activities that good for autumn.



Why autumn is the best time for camping? Autumn goes with cool and dry weather, quiet environment, fewer people, fewer bugs and more fun of drinking a cup of hot tea in a curled up sleeping bag. Of course, you need to ensure that you bring tents and warm sleeping bags for camping in autumn.


Road trip

Nothing is more free than driving on the country road! No matter you travel with an RV, Van, truck or SUV, the change of mountain scenery along the way can let you enjoy the autumn scenery; At the same time, you can stop at any time to buy some fruit and mountain products from local shop, or taste different type of food from local restaurant. But if you’re traveling on the road, portable fridge is good for store local fruit, vegetable, drinks or even food.



Autumn is a good season for cycling. Cool weather means that you will have more endurance when climbing the path, and when riding on the path covered by golden leaves, you will definitely feel that it is worthwhile.


Autumn fishing

Fishing is an outdoor pleasure that is hard to give up. There are still many fishing opportunities throughout the autumn, you can still reap a lot. In addition, you don't have to endure the high temperature and sultry ordeal when fishing in autumn.


Mountain climbing

It has become a custom to climb high in autumn. Autumn is an ideal season for mountain climbing. With fewer mosquitoes and cool weather, you can really appreciate the beauty of autumn when you walk along the golden path and step on fallen leaves; After reaching the summit, the orange color of the mountains and plains will give you a different feeling from that of summer.


Picking crops

Autumn is the harvest season. Do you want to experience the fun of harvest anyway? Why not go to the orchard or farm. Apples are hanging on the branches waiting to be picked. The sweet smell of grapes is waiting for you to taste. Peanuts, sweet potatoes, strawberries, corn and other crops can make you feel the joy of harvest.


Photography Journey

Taking your camera or mobile phone to freeze the fall! Have a trip to autumn leaves with your family and friends. You can not only capture the beautiful autumn scenery, but also freeze the children's jumping among the leaves, and the smiling faces of their families in the camera and keep them in memory.


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