8 Overland Glamping Essentials You Needed

After a long time of winter cold, Spring is around the corner. Now it's time to close to the nature again. Glaming is the best way to explore nature and enjoy family/friends time. The following are 8 overland Glamping Essentials you may not know you need.

1. A Spare tire trash bag.

It can keep your camp clean and is great for storage. The most important is it is environmental friendly.

spare tire trash bag2. A water spray can camp shower.

Running water is the best.

Water Spray3. Weatherproof shelter.

No wind noise and it's insulated.

weahterproof shelter4. Solar charging panels.

Allows you to stay out longer.

solar charging panel5. Portable power station.

A portable power station is an essential piece of equipment to keep important devices charged and running during emergencies and power outages, like medical equipment, radios, appliances, and smartphones.

power charging station

6. A Diesel heater.

Clean warmth for inside the tent.

diesel heater

7. USB Hand Warmer Lasts 10 hours & Rechargeable.

Although it's getting warmer and warmer, but the weather is variable, so such a gadget would be needed.

hand warmer8. 12-Volt Refrigerators.

With a portable 12v fridge, you’ll be able to escape for days at a time without relying on ice.

12v portable refrigerator




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