Bodega NEW Coolers Launching

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Good Morning! Today, we're going to introduce 3 new coolers to you. You may find that there are soft&hard cooler collection was added to our home navigation, that's what we're talking about the new product. 

First, let's learn about what's the cooler?

We also mention it in our previous article on 3 types of Portable Refrigerator .

Cooler does not have cooling function, but only insulation function.

The thing must be cooled before you put inside the cooler. You can also put ice bags or ice cube into the cooler,  so that you can keep the food cool in a short time. 

Cooler is more friendly than electric fridge, because it does not consume electricity, it is lighter than and more easily carry than electric fridge, and the price is lower than electric portable refrigerator. 

Then here comes bodega new product coolers!!!

1. BODEGAcooler Soft Cooler Bag SC21-BP 22QT/21L For Outdoors

What's soft cooler?

Soft coolers, as you might have guessed, have forgone rotomolding in favor of softer materials that are typically RF welded together.

Lightweight Backpack Insulated Soft Cooler for Lunch, Picnic, Hiking, Camping, Beach, Park Day Trips.

This soft cooler bag comes in a backpack style that makes it easy to carry, free to your hands, which can keep food cold for a day or two, up to 3 days. Closed-Cell foam insulation and the highest density NBR foam provide superior cooling effect.

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2. BODEGAcooler Hard Cooler BP15 16QT/15L

3. BODEGAcooler Hard Cooler BP8 9QT/8L

These 2 are hard coolers. 

What's hard cooler?

Hard coolers are what you think about when you think about a cooler. They’re big, heavy, rotomolded beasts, that keep your beer cold for over a week.

With regular use, this bodega hard cooler will stay cold for 2-3 days, but it has the ability to stay cold and keep ice for 7+ days given enough ice and the right conditions.

The great function of keeping cold/warm, blocks out the heat and locks in the cold, so you can keep your food cold and fresh cold in summer while keeping warm in winter.

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