Summer Camp Essentials’ Advice

The temperature is high and there are a lot of rain and mosquitoes in summer, but it is still a good time exploring nature with family. Camping, fishing, barbecue, playing cards, playing the piano, singing, is indeed a great thing. And camping maybe the first choice for most of the people, choose a beautiful place, picking up tents, driving your car to the destination with family and friends to spend the good time.  

But there are some problems of we must be paid attention before we start camping, especially for new campers. We have sorted out some camping tips for everyone, so that you can easily handle a summer camping.

1. Basic equipment

Tents, sleeping bags, damp proof mats, lamps (headlights, camp lights), these four are indispensable; If it is a long time journey, you need to prepare boilers and cooking utensils.

2. Big bag

Ten, sleeping bag, cushion, camp lamp, hammock... Camping needs lots of equipment and accessories! Bring an outer bag that can put all the equipment into, which can make the luggage well organized; Even if you are not camping, you can store your equipment in an outer bag. This is a must-have in home essential too.

3. Storage box

Do you have many storage boxes at home? They would have great use in summer camping! Toiletries, cooking utensils, tableware, tools, sundries, clothes, shoes... All these things can be put into the storage box by categories, which is convenient for storage and search!

4. Outdoor chair

The outdoor chair is the chair to sit outside the car. With the chair, you can sit in the tent or outside the tent, you can even have your own location anytime, anywhere. You can sit and watch the scenery comfortably beside the campfire and the dining table.

5. Fold-abletable

Some people may think that the folding table is not an essential equipment, but many people disagree that. The fold-able table can hold all kinds of equipment. Think about that, if you have to cooking on the ground for all the camping time, how terrible that way! With a table, you not only have a comfortable cooking, but have enjoyed delicious food on the table like at home.

5. Hammock

If you are a camping enthusiast, you are likely to choose to travel through mountains, forests, grasslands and other natural scenery, not just the city. Then, when the weather is fine, the hammock will come in handy, a pleasant nap will make you energetic.

6. Portable Freezer

We all know that due to the high temperature in summer, food is easy to deteriorate and people who eat deteriorated food are easy to cause food poisoning. A portable freezer can help to solve the problem. The portable fridge can keep the food fresh and beverage cold on the road. You don’t need to worry about the food would be ruined by the summer heat.

You can also check this article about what detail things we need to bring on this Camping Checking List 

Hope this helps you have a nice camp. 


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