BODEGAcooler TWW75 Portable Freezer Review: Great for Family Camping Trips


Basking in the synergy of portability, innovation, and cooling prowess, the BODEGAcooler TWW75 Portable Freezer seamlessly transforms outdoor adventures into a delightfully chilled experience. Whether your a camping enthusiast or a committed road tripper wrapped in the splendid realm of wanderlust, the features and benefits of the BODEGAcooler TWW75 beckons your attention. Let’s dive into this review and unpack what sets this freezer apart from the crowd.

Who is BODEGA?

BODEGA has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality cooling appliances. They focus on innovation, efficiency, and durability, which are evident in their diverse range of products, from wine coolers to portable refrigerators. The BODEGAcooler TWW75 is one of their larger, dual door, portable units, designed with the outdoor and camping crowd in mind.

What’s Included with the BODEGAcooler TWW75 Portable Freezer?

portable freezer 75lportable freezer cords

The unboxing experience of the BODEGAcooler TWW75 was pretty straightforward. The package arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, which contained the freezer, a long 12V/24V DC power cord, a 100V-240V AC power cord with an adapter, Dual Zone Baskets for separating food items, and a user manual. Everything was well-packed and appeared in perfect condition.

Build Quality

portable fridge

It’s Built Solid

The first thing I noticed about the BODEGAcooler TWW75 was its robust build quality. Weighing 66.9 pounds, the cooler feels sturdy and is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. The doors snap shut tightly, ensuring a good seal, and the overall construction gives a sense of durability that promises longevity.

portable fridge lock
Seal and Lid Lock

Size and Carrying Capacity

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The BODEGAcooler TWW75 measures 32.5″ long, 21″ wide, and 18.5″ high. Although it may seem hefty, the size is justified by its impressive storage capacity. With an 80-quart (75 liters) capacity – 48 Qts. on the left and 31 Qts. on the right, it can accommodate 102 cans of soda, 60 bottles of water, or 33 bottles of wine. Which is more than sufficient for a weekend camping trip for my family of six.

portable freezer inside
portable freezer empty inside

Easy to Move

portable freezer handle
portable freezer handle

Despite its size, moving the BODEGAcooler TWW75 is a breeze, thanks to its retractable handle and off-road wheels. The handle is solidly built and extends smoothly, making it easy to pull the cooler even when it’s fully loaded. The sturdy plastic wheels can handle different terrains, making it ideal for outdoor use.

easy to move

Lids are Switchable

switchable lids

Another feature that impressed me was the switchable doors. They can be easily reversed without any need for tools. This is particularly useful when the cooler is loaded or stored in a certain way, providing easy access to your food and beverages.

Plug It In

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Camp Site Power

Powering the BODEGAcooler TWW75 is versatile and convenient. It operates on 100-240V or 12V/24V power sources. This means you can power it using your car’s battery when you’re on the move, or use a standard wall outlet when you’re at home or at a campsite with electrical hookups.

portable freezer charging

Solar – AC / DC – Optional Battery Compartment

Their is also the option of a detachable battery that BODEGA claims can run the cooler for 4 – 10 hours. This would be an excellent option for longer trips where you might not have access to a power source for extended periods.

It can be a Freezer and Fridge at the Same Time

portable freezer with food

One standout feature of the BODEGAcooler TWW75 is its dual-zone temperature controls. This allows you to use one side as a refrigerator and the other as a freezer. You can also set both sides to the same temperature, depending on your needs. The flexibility to customize the temperature settings is a big plus, especially for long camping trips.

Easy to Use Controls

temperature display

The BODEGAcooler TWW75 features an easy-to-use control panel. The display shows the current temperature of each zone, and the buttons allow you to adjust the temperature settings with ease. The controls respond quickly, and the settings remain stable, ensuring your food and drinks stay at the desired temperature.

Readable Display – Except in Direct Sunlight

sunlight delight

The LED display on the BODEGAcooler TWW75 is clear and easy to read. However, it can be challenging to see under direct sunlight. This is a minor inconvenience and doesn’t affect the overall performance of the cooler.

Battery Protection

The BODEGAcooler TWW75 comes with a 3-level battery protection feature. This ensures the cooler doesn’t drain your car’s battery when it’s connected. This feature provides peace of mind, especially when you’re camping in remote locations where you can’t easily recharge your vehicle’s battery.

App Controlled

portable freezer app control

To make things even more convenient, the BODEGAcooler TWW75 can be controlled via a smartphone app. This allows you to adjust the temperature settings remotely. This feature is particularly useful when you’re busy setting up camp or enjoying outdoor activities, and you don’t want to physically go to the cooler to adjust the settings.

Experience with the BODEGAcooler TWW75 Portable Freezer

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During our camping trips, the BODEGAcooler TWW75 has performed exceptionally well. It operates quietly, which is a big plus when you’re enjoying the peaceful outdoors. The interior LED light is a handy feature, especially during the night when you need to grab a drink or snack.

portable freezer drinks cooling

Specs and Features of the BODEGAcooler TWW75

The BODEGAcooler TWW75 boasts impressive specifications.

  • Operation: 100-240V / 12V / 24V
  • Dimension: 32.5x21x18.5 inches
  • Fridge Capacity: 80 Quart(75L)
  • Left Zone / Right Zone: 48 Quart / 31 Quart
  • Item Weight: 66.9 pounds
  • Refrigeration Range: -4ºF~68ºF
  • Noise Level: <42dB
  • Rated Power Input: 90W
  • Rated Current: AC 1.5A-2.7A , DC 6.0A(12V) / 3.0A (24V)
  • Door removable or switch direction: Yes
  • Solar Interface: external diameter: 5.5MM, internal diameter: 2.1MM

Warranty on the BODEGAcooler TWW75

BODEGA offers a 2-year warranty on the compressor and other parts of the TWW75 portable freezer. This provides additional peace of mind, knowing that the company stands behind its product.

portable freezer 80 quart

Final Thoughts

The BODEGAcooler TWW75 portable freezer is a fantastic addition to any family camping trip. Its sturdy construction, ample storage capacity, and user-friendly features make it a great option for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re camping, fishing, or simply enjoying a picnic in the park, this portable freezer ensures that your food and drinks stay fresh and perfectly chilled. With the BODEGAcooler TWW75, you can say goodbye to melted ice and spoiled food, and hello to hassle-free outdoor adventures. For more info on this and other BODEGAcooler products, visit 

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