Choose a small or a big capacity of RV refrigerator?

Regarding the configuration of refrigerators in RV, some consumers prefer to configure large refrigerators, while others prefer small refrigerators

This article will combine with other RV owners experience to finds out their advantages and disadvantages, to provide some experience and reference for friends who are preparing to select and purchase cars.

Firstly, I want to explain that there are many preconditions for choosing a refrigerator, but I think the following two are crucial: first, are you ready to live in a RV for a long time and how many people are there? Second, what are your special needs and hobbies in life?

Why choose large RV refrigerators?

I personally think that the large refrigerator is to ensure that the food supplies enough for the whole family when they live outside remain the same as at homes for a few days in the remote areas. Second, some people have special requirements on diet, and they are afraid that they can not supplement in time , so they need to prepare enough for long-term consumption.

 Advantages of large RV refrigerator.

There is no doubt about the advantages of large RV refrigerators in storing food. First, large RV refrigerators have a large amount of storage. Secondly, separated freezing and fridge zones are conducive to long-term storage of food and fresh food. The benefit is guarantee sufficiency of the food supply, which ensures that you can enjoy the trip without purchasing food for a relatively long time.

 In addition, people with special dietary requirements can also choose large RV refrigerators, such as vegetarians, meat eaters, or patients with hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases. They can store food according to their dietary requirements, to ensure that there are enough food suitable for themselves during the long-term journey.

Disadvantages of large RV refrigerator.

There is no perfect thing. We have explained the advantages of large refrigerators, and at the same time, we should recognize their shortcomings. To sum up, there are mainly the following two points: first, occupy space. The use space in the RV is about 10 square meters. It is necessary to arrange various living facilities in this space. Therefore, we can only make a compromise.

Second, energy consumption is large. Electricity is one of the basic energy sources in the car. A series of electronic equipment such as lighting, mobile phones, computers, televisions, and cooking are inseparable from electricity. The RV refrigerator is a big user of electricity, because it is using 24 hours x 7 days.

 In addition, the large RV refrigerator also has other problems such as big noise, resonance and heat dissipation.

 In conclusion, the allocation of large refrigerators is actually to exchange living space for storage space, that is to say, the activity space and riding space of daily life is limited.

Why choose small RV refrigerators?

First, the energy consumption is low, it can save part of the electric energy for other electric equipment. Second, you can enjoy a relatively large living and rest space.

Advantages of small RV refrigerator.

Compared with large refrigerators, small refrigerators are at a disadvantage in terms of storage space, but small refrigerators provide a larger area for the living space.

If you don't have any special requirements in terms of diet, you can choose a small refrigerator to supplement your food storage, and combine with regular purchases of fresh goods.

Disadvantages of small RV refrigerator.

Compared with large refrigerators, the storage space of small refrigerators is tiny.

New Combination

However, there is combination deserve to consider: small RV refrigerator combine with portable refrigerator.

When long-term travel needs to be equipped with a lot of food, the small RV refrigerator and portable freezer can be combined to use. The former is used to store fresh food such as vegetables and fruits, and the latter is used to refrigerate meat and frozen food. This can solve the problem of insufficient storage space of the standard refrigerator.

This is a flexible configuration scheme. You can carry with the portable fridge when you carry a lot of food for long-term travel. When the refrigerator is not needed, it can be removed. This makes up for the shortcomings of small refrigerators, which are comparable to large refrigerators and have strong flexibility and practical applicability. It has many advantages than large RV refrigerator. Because it is difficult to remove the large refrigerator once built in the RV.

Just imagine, if you often travel in two, and occasionally bring two or three family members or friends to travel together, my personal suggestion is that you should choose the small RV refrigerator and portable freezer.

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Combine with Portable Fridge

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