Why Choose RV Refrigerator?

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A 12V compressor RV refrigerator runs on the 12V DC power provided by your RV’s house battery bank. RV refrigerator runs on 12V DC all the time and is another option for travelers who prefer an all-electric fridge.

Pros of 12V Compressor RV Refrigerators

There are many advantages to a 12V compressor fridge. Among the greatest of these advantages is that a 12V fridge eliminates the need for propane (unless you require it for your stove, oven and/or heater), while also eliminating the need for a large inverter to convert electricity from 12V DC to 120V AC. This is a somewhat inefficient use of power, an admission we make while also acknowledging that this is what we do for the luxury of having a large residential refrigerator.

12V compressor refrigerators are also more efficient than a gas absorption refrigerator (when running on 120V AC or 12V DC power), which means they can run for longer off of the same power.

Because the compressor-based cooling unit is smaller than an absorption style system, 12V compressor refrigerators offer more interior space in the same footprint. That means, if you were to convert your RV refrigerator, you could gain some interior storage space without having to perform a major retrofit.

The 12V compressor fridge is strictly electric, doesn’t require ventilation, and doesn’t have the same potential for a fire hazard that an absorption refrigerator does. And because these are custom-engineered units designed for use in an RV, they typically have the same door-locking mechanisms that absorption refrigerators have, ensuring that your food stays INSIDE the fridge while you’re traveling!

Another advantage to the 12V all-electric RV refrigerators is that they cool very well & consistently (like their 120V residential counterparts) and live up to John’s ice cream standards which are admittedly ridiculous quite high.

As is likely clear by now, the best RV refrigerator is the one that works for you and your family and the RV lifestyle you lead.

So, the best RV refrigerator is the one you choose after careful consideration of what’s required to run each type of fridge, along with how you intend to travel and camp.

Many van and car campers use small and/or portable 12V compressor fridges, because 12V small RV fridge might use significantly less power than big capacity RV fridge.

In this case, we want to recommend our new small 12V RV portable Fridges R50 to you.

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