How Long Can a Car Fridge Run on Car Battery Without Draining The Battery?

Most people may have the same question:How long can the car fridge run on car battery without draining the battery? 

car battery running

Factors affect running out car battery

The length of time a car fridge can run on a car battery without draining the battery will depend on several factors.

1. Ambient temperature of refrigerator: the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the battery life;

2. Numbers of items stored in the refrigerator: the more items, the more power the refrigerator needs to consume to maintain the set temperature;

3. Times of opening and closing the door: frequent opening and closing of the door increases the power consumption of the refrigerator;

4. The capacity and power state of the car battery: the larger the battery capacity, the longer the service time; The more sufficient the power, the longer the service time;

5. Setting temperature of refrigerator: the lower the setting temperature, the greater the power consumption;

6. Setting level of refrigerator battery protection: the higher the battery protection level, the shorter the service time;

The shortest running time of the refrigerator is about 40% of the battery capacity/average discharge current*voltage (at this time, the battery protection level is set to "H" high 12.4V mode)

Let's take Bodega's TWW75 as an example, if your car's battery capacity is 500Wh

The shortest running time=40%x500Wh/6/12.4=2.69h

TWW75 car fridge specification

The maximum operation time of the refrigerator is about 70% of the battery capacity/average current/power Input (at this time, the current protection level is set to "L" 10.9V mode)

The longest running time=70%x500Wh/6/10.9=5.35h

The picture above is Bodega's portable refrigerator TWW series battery protection mode. 

Battery Protection mode of 12v refrigerator

If the car refrigerator itself does not contain a battery protection mode, and if the power cord of the car refrigerator is not cut off in time after the car is stopped, it will be very easy to run out of the car battery.

So when using the car refrigerator, we should pay attention to the battery power of the car to avoid running out of the car battery. Not only that, when choosing the car refrigerator, it is better to choose the car refrigerator with battery protection mode as much as possible, so that even if the power supply of the car refrigerator is not cut off after the car is stopped, we don't need to worry about that the car battery is dead.

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We also recommend you to prepare 12V battery to travel with to prevent accidents. 

Bodega 12V power station

Bodega solar panel to charge the power station

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Ken H

Ken H

I want to use the refrigerator in a situation where I don’t want the lower power safely device.I have other methods that will automatically recharge the battery at my preset levels. This level is below the built in sensor level of the refrigerator. This causes the fridge to shut off, when I don’t want it to shut off.
Can this lower power sensor be turned off or bypassed?
Thank you

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