How To Enjoy The Nature Of Spring During A Family Road Trip

It is spring now, one of the best seasons we can travel with our families. We have opportunity to explore the new places and feel the breath of the spring during the trip. 

By driving your family car or van, your children can take in the beauty of nature from the back seat. It is a significant chance for your children to connect with nature since one study indicated that most children spend less time in nature which results in their decreased appreciation of our environment, health problems including childhood obesity and vitamin D deficiency, diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of emotional illnesses like anxiety and depression.

On the other hand, spending time in nature help us reduce stress and anxiety, and get healthier physically and mentally.

Ways We Can Enjoy Nature During A Road Trip

Take a Scenic Trip

 Find a spot you would like to explore, like farms, national parks, highways and coasts, etc. In America, you can explore from the Road to Hana in Hawaii to the Grand Canyon in Arizona to Mount St. Helens and the surrounding snow-covered mountains in Washington State.

Of course, you will unavoidably have a picnic or make a meal for your family while you are in a beautiful landscape. So don't forget to prepare some fresh food and drink before your trip. A portable refrigerator can keep them fresh and in good taste. You don't want some stale food to ruin the good mood that the beautiful scenery brings to you.

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Watch For Wildlife

 Have your children keep an eye on the wildlife. If you are traveling in farms or countries, you can seep the cows, sheep and horses. In wooded areas you can find squirrels, deer, skunks, and raccoons. If you are in a coastal area, look for birds like seagulls. 

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 Find Flowers And Trees

Bring a nature guide before your trip so that you can look up when your children discover some different flowers and trees on the road. How about making a game out of searching for flowers and trees by asking questions like: Who can find the tallest tree? Can you name that flower or tree? 

Gaze At The Evening Sky

The night sky is amazing in the nature. It looks much clearer than in the city. It is full of stars and makes you think about the infinite possibilities of our universe. See if your children can spot any planets or name the constellations. A really simple game is to have your young children count the stars and see who can find the most.

Play Car Nature Bingo

Print out the bingo cards, which include pictures of animals and scenery that you are likely to see out the car window. Your kids will have a blast looking for butterflies, trees, dogs, flowers, ponds, and parks.


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